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1898 Casa and Restorante: Silay City’s newest bed and breakfast – Generoso Reyes Gamboa Heritage House

1898 Casa and Restorante is Silay City’s newest Bed and breakfast! This place combines history, art and good food in Silay City – the Paris of Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Stroll down Cinco de Noviembre street until you reach the Zamora street intersection. There you will find 1898 Casa and Restorante housed in the Generoso Reyes Gamboa heritage house.

1898 Casa and Ristorante is located at Corner Zamora and Cinco de Noviembre st.
They’re open from 9am to 9pm. For inquiries call at 485-5566

1898 Casa and Restorante is actually part of a pair of houses. For now, the other house is slowly undergoing renovations while the main one (where 1898 Casa and Restorante is housed) is on its soft opening to the public.

There’s so many things to do at 1898 Casa and Restorante. Right outside their doors are sculptures which depict the Negros revolution against the Spanish. It’s a great photo taking spot.

Don’t miss the Philippine National Historical Commission Marker! The marker is given out only to houses that are over 50 years old and that have had significant historical events occur in them. The marker is in a central location and hard to miss. It’s a great photo spot too.

The owners have converted the inside of the house into a beautiful bed and breakfast. The ground floor of 1898 Casa and Restorante is where the bedrooms are located. The house structure and layout is unchanged. Repairs have been made and a fresh coat of white paint adorns the inside. It’s so bright and cheerful inside.

The main lobby of 1898 Casa and Ristorante is simple but elegant at the same time.

To get to the second floor and the main dining area, you have to take this beautiful hardwood staircase. This is the house’s original wooden staircase which the owners have lovingly restored. There are no creaks and the wood is sturdy enough to support the heaviest guest.

The beautiful wooden staircase leading up to the main dining area.

Here is 1898 Casa and Restorante’s main dining room. It is so beautiful! The dining room absolutely glows with light. The color scheme is a simple brown and white which gives the place a nice organic, homey feel. Large capiz shell windows let in the cool breeze.

The air circulation is remarkable in 1898 Casa and Restorante. The design and layout of the house allows for a cooling breeze to flow throughout the dining room at all times of the day.

The gorgeous main dining room of 1898 Casa and Restorante.

The main feature of the dining room and of the house are these beautiful, ornamental Calado.

Calado is a term used to describe ornately carved room dividers that serve as ventilation between rooms of the house. 1898 Casa and Restorante has plenty of them. One window is dubbed the “love seat” or the best seat of the house because it is right under the Calado. It’s another great photo taking opportunity in 1898 Casa and Restorante.

The Calado of 1898 Casa and Restorante depicts stylized flowers and lyres in the interior while on the Calado facing outwards, Anahaw palms adorn the window. The palms probably symbolize when people waved palms to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem. So in the sense, the original designers might have designed the palms of 1898 Casa and Restorante to symbolically welcome good fortune, bounty and blessings into the house.

Fun Fact: Anahaw leaves also figure prominently in awards ceremonies in the Philippines. They symbolize great achievement, strength and loyalty.

Plenmty of the original fixtures remain, like the glass door and the original door knobs.

There are also function rooms in 1898 Casa and Restorante. You can book these for events, conferences or private occasions.

There’s also an outdoor dining area between the two houses. Guests can relax here while enjoying some of 1898 Casa and Restorante’s dishes. The menu is Filipino – International with some emphasis on Filipino desserts and some Italian dishes.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Generoso Reyes Gamboa ancestral house is considered to be the FIRST Twin house in the Philippines. Both houses (the one beside it) are mirror images of each other.

A newly planted garden with a nice dining experience

Our guests enjoyed a traditional snack of Halo Halo to cool themselves down

99 pesos Halo Halo!

One of our guests had the Almighty burger. It had pickles, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, egg and pineapple. Very filling and very good!

Almighty burger 220 php
Our guests enjoying their visit to 1898 Casa and Restorante / Generoso Reyes Gamboa Ancestral house.

1898 Casa and Restorante is a great place to stay and to have meals when you are in Silay. The place is located in the middle of all the historical buildings of Silay City. It’s just a short walk to several tourist attractions and right beside 1898 is a big grocery store, Lopue’s Silay.

1898 Casa and Restorante is currently on SOFT OPENING. You can still iWe’ll be sure to update you guys about this beautiful place one they’re up and running!

To get to 1898 Casa and Restorante:

From Bacolod: Take a Silay Bacolod Jeepney or Ceres bus from the Northbound terminal. Get off at the Silay Public plaza and walk down Zamora street or take a tricycle (10 pesos)

Alternatively, you could hire a taxi or get a Grab (300-400 pesos)

From Silay Airport: Hire a taxi or walk outside the airport to waiting tricycles. Haggle to be brought to 1898 Casa and Restorante. Usually we give 100 pesos.

Official Facebook Page:

Opening Hours:
Monday to Wednesday: 9am to 9pm
Thursday to Sunday: 9am to 10pm

Telephone number: (034) 485-5566

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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