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Bacolod Hidden Finds: Awesome “No Name” Cheeseburgers at a car wash!

In Bacolod City, the best cheeseburgers are served at a car wash. We’re absolutely serious about this. We couldn’t believe that such delicious burgers could be found at a strange location. The Bacolod city locals take the place in stride. In the afternoons, flocks of patrons can be seen enjoying a burger while having their cars washed.

Head on down La Salle Avenue to Samgyupsal Chango and the “Lord of The Rinse” car wash. There you will find a small, black trailer that has no signage of any sort. Only a hand written menu sheet is visible.

The area only has one plastic table and a few seats. It gets crowded pretty quickly. We asked the staff and the patrons what the name of the place was – they could only tell me that this place was nicknamed “No name burgers” .

This little black trailer pumps out some of the best cheeseburgers that Bacolod has ever seen.

The staff cooks the burgers on a grill and then when the burgers are done the burgers are covered with a slice of premium cheese. The burgers look and smell so good!


The secret to these burgers is the special sauce. A special yellow sauce is all the condiment that you will need. It’s creamy, savory and a little spicy at the same time. You won’t feel the need for ketchup, mayo or mustard. The sauce is so good!

Protip: Ask for extra sauce. Slather your burger in it.

The secret is in the sauce.

And that’s it! Simple, no frills and no fuss! For full enjoyment, grab the double cheeseburger.

Our taste tester approves!
Single cheeseburger 125
Double Cheeseburger 195

This “No name” burger shack is pretty good. Give them a try. They’re open from 10am-6pm Mondays to Saturdays.

They don’t have any contact numbers or official Facebook Pages. 🙂

No Name Burger is located at Lord of The Rinse Carwash, La Salle Avenue bacolod City. They’re in the same lot as Samgyupsal Chango.

The Bacolod Food Hunters wrote this article for free! We did not accept payment, free food or accomodation. We practice ethical blogging

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