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Romantic Baboy Bacolod: A really good place to eat Samgyupsal

Samgyupsal lovers in Bacolod City! Check out Romantic Baboy – a newly opened unlimited samgyupsal and Korean grill restaurant.

Romantic Baboy is a popular Korean restaurant chain that has plenty of branches in the Philippines. This branch in Bacolod city is their 64th branch. The secret to their popularity is the wide variety of meats, excellent service and their famous cheesy samgyupsal just for 499 pesos!

We went to check out their restaurant. Romantic Baboy bacolod is located At Ani Commerical, GM Cordova Ave (Buri Road), Bacolod, Negros Occidental

The new romantic baboy is so much bigger than their restaurant at their old location!

The interior of Romantic Baboy Bacolod is a very striking three color scheme of red, white and black. It mirrors the look of their signage. Inside, you will find several tables and a good exhaust system that sucks up the smoke from the grills.

There is no reservation system. Prospective diners have to sit in a queue and wait for tables to be available. If you want to dine at Romantic Baboy Bacolod, it is best to come early. They open at 11am and close at 10pm Mondays to Sundays.

The interior of Romantic Baboy is so pretty.

Unlike other Samgyupsal restaurants here in Bacolod City, Romantic Baboy Bacolod has no minimum number of people requirement. Some restaurants here require at least two people to order Samgyupsal.

So, if you want to have samgyupsal by yourself – you can do so at Romantic Baboy Bacolod. There is also no service charge or additional hidden charges. It’s 499 all the way. Drinks however are not included in the 499 charge and you will have to pay separate.

We queued up in line and after a short wait, managed to get a table. We were impressed to see how the staff quickly and efficiently prepared the grill. We noticed that Romantic Baboy Bacolod uses smokeless briquettes – very impressive. The briquettes were so hot, we could feel the heat radiating from it.

Romantic Baboy uses special smokeless Briquettes.

The staff quickly set up the table and we were ready to try the Samgyupsal. This is the standard set up of Romantic Baboy Bacolod. You get six side dishes, some lettuce, kimchi and four different kinds of sauces.

In the center there is a cast iron plate for grilling the meat, and around it are slots for the cheese, the egg omelette and a vacant spot to cook kimchi if so desired. All of these are unlimited so if you want more just ask.

This is the standard setup for a samgyupsal meal at Romantic Baboy Bacolod.

The side dishes are pretty good – our favourite one being the sliced fish cakes.

They also serve sliced green onions in a spicy sauce. Save this for making your samgyupsal lettuce wrap. It’s really good.

Romantic Baboy Bacolod has a cute circular menu. They have eight kinds of meat on the menu. The server will ask you at the beginning for three meats to start with. We decided to choose the Woo Sangyup (Thin slices of beef brisket), Moksal (Seasoned Pork neck) and Romantic Bulgogi (sweet marinated korean style beef)

The circular menu. Sharp eyed customers will notice that there are Red letters in each dish spelling out the word: “Romantic”. It’s a nice touch and shows attention to detail.

The meats soon arrived. They were served on attractive looking wooden planks. Romantic Baboy bacolod has plenty of beef so that’s really good news for those who are not comfortable with eating pork.

Woo Sangyup (Thin slices of beef brisket) and Moksal (Seasoned Pork neck)
Romantic Bulgogi (sweet marinated korean style beef)

The server then reappeared and poured in the egg omelette and the cheese. We observed that the cheese was a little oily to prevent it from sticking to the pan. When it got melted it was very gooey and thick- Very delicious to eat it with the grilled meat!

Egg omelette and melted cheese.

Remember the briquettes that we mentioned a while back? Well, they hold heat so well that the thin slices of meat cooked really fast. We didn’t have time to snack on the side dishes before we had to turn the meat over! The high temperature is really good especially for groups of diners since they don’t have to wait long in order to grill their portion!

It is also quite fascinating to see Romantic Baboy Bacolod’s efficient exhaust system at work. The smoke from the cooked meat is quickly sucked up into the exhaust.

Grilling meat is always fun. Since the grill is very hot, Make sure that the egg omelet and cheese don’t get burned!

After grilling the meat, it’s time to enjoy it. We like to spoon melted cheese and egg omelet on top of our meat before eating. It is so good! It was our first time to try cheesy samgyupsal!

Romantic Baboy’s meat is significantly better than other samgyupsal restaurants here in Bacolod. Most of the meat is pre-seasoned or marinated. Very Tasty. If you want more flavor you have the four different kinds of sauces and the egg omelette and cheese!

Just watch out that you don’t burn yourself in your eagerness to eat! The melted cheese and omelette can drip on your hands and give you a burn if you’re not careful. Kids should be supervised.

Perfectly grilled meat!

How do you tell when the omelette is done? When it looks like the picture below. It has puffed up and is solid with some little bubbles on the top.

Ready to eat omelette!

Overall we had a good experience at Romantic Baboy Bacolod. We will definitely come back to try it again. Check them out now. Be sure to come early to avoid the crowds. They’re not located in a mall so you can’t just go and do something else while waiting for your turn to be seated. If you are coming with a car, take note that parking space is limited.

It’s great to see another samgyupsal restaurant in Bacolod!

Romantic Baboy Bacolod

Ani Commerical Complex, GM Cordova Ave (Buri Road), Bacolod, Negros Occidental

Opening hours: 11am-10pm Mondays to Sundays

Telephone number: 09173050388

Google Map:

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    What a good review. Looking forward to try this restaurant.

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