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Kinoboy: Saddle up and head to this restaurant in Bacolod City!

The style of roughing it or improvisingKinoboy is a restaurant/bar in Bacolod City that takes its name from the Filipinos spirit of ingenuity.  But there’s nothing rough or improvised about Kinoboy’s food – read more below to learn more about this bar and its dishes that can go head to head with the best in Bacolod!

Kinoboy is located at 26th street, Bacolod City right behind Tom n Tom’s coffee.

Kinoboy is an open air restaurant located on 26th street, Bacolod City, right behind Tom N’ Toms coffee.  Murals decorate the walls and there are a lot of seats where patrons can sit and enjoy the night air.  There’s also a stage where live bands can perform.


The main dining area of Kinoboy has regular chairs and tables plus a couple of sofas where one can sit and relax comfortably. There’s also a large area where patrons can write messages using day-glo markers. There’s also a lot of electric fans to distribute the air and make the area cool.


We were introduced to Kinoboy by a friend who couldn’t stop recommending his favourite dish at Kinoboy – the Bagnet Bicol express.  This dish combines bagnet – (Pork belly deep fried until golden brown and crispy) with Bicol express ( a spicy coconut pork dish).

So we went to Kinoboy and ordered the Bagnet bicol express plus a bunch of other things. too!

Bagnet sisig, Bagnet Bicol express and Bangus Lumpia

Bagnet is a dish from the northern part of the Philippines.  Kinoboy has bagnet sisig where the crispy fried pork is made into sisig. (another dish that normally uses parts of the pig’s face, cheeks and jowls.)  Since Kinoboy uses pork belly the resulting dish is a more meaty, filling and substantial dish.  It is very good as a snack or accompaniment to drinks.

Bagnet Sisig- 160 php

Bicol express is also a dish from the Northern part of the Philippines. It is meat cooked in spicy coconut milk.   In Kinoboy, they pour the spicy coconut milk and assorted spices  over a chunk of deep fried pork belly.  It is a masterpiece!  The coconut milk enhances the flavors of the deep fried pork which remains crunchy throughout the meal.  It goes so well with the fried garlic rice.

Bagnet Bicol express

The Bangus lumpia is also very good.  Stuffed in a lumpia wrapper, the distinct taste of Bangus is very pronounced. Delicious and addicting.

Here’s our video of our visit to Kinoboy!

The best part of this is – Kinoboy is open 24 hours, 7 days a week!

Kinoboy is located at 26th Lacson Street Bacolod City

Telephone number: 0927 335 5670

Facebook page:

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