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Ceba Lechon House: Eat all you can lechon for just 188 pesos!

Eat all you can lechon and more for just 188 pesos and buy 1 take 1 pizza and pasta?  That sounds like a really great deal!  Ceba Lechon House is a new restaurant that offers an eat all you can experience without emptying your wallet.  Ceba Lechon House is actually two restaurants – within it is Cebarro, a humorous nod to a famous pizza brand.

Ceba Lechon House is located at corner Rosario – Gatuslao streets Bacolod city. They also have a branch on Burgos street but at the time of our visit it didn’t have eat all you can. This article is about the Gatuslao Branch.

Ceba Lechon House opened on March 3, 2019. They also have an opening promo of lechon for just 399 per kilo.


The  inside of the restaurant is very simple.  There are plain wooden tables and benches and the walls are decorated with photos of Bacolod’s Masskara dancers.


Here’s what you can expect to find at Ceba Lechon house.  They have a lot of dishes already for just 188 pesos.  The food is laid out buffet style and it is self service.  Diners are free to take as much as they want.



Here’s what’s available when we visited.  There’s lumpia shanghai – these are deep fried egg rolls stuffed with meat and vegetables.

There’s also pancit – but we didn’t try it, we preferred these golden brown goodies!


There’s also fried chicken wings.  There’s a lot of eat all you can wing places here in Bacolod but so far this is the cheapest and it comes with other dishes too.  The wings are just ok.  They didn’t have any sauce of any kind with it.


Lechon paksiw – this is a stew made from lechon.  The lechon meat is simmered with vinegar and other spices.  Quite good.


Dinuguan is a stew in which pigs blood, vinegar and various entrails are all cooked up together.  It is pretty yummy although for foreigners this is an acquired taste.


KBL stands for kadios, baboy, langka.  It’s a stew made with jackfruit, pork and kadios which translates to pigeon peas in English.


And finally, the lechon! It is really eat all you can!  A friend of ours joked that we could even finish the whole pig if we wanted.  Well, we didn’t.  But we came pretty close.


The lechon is stuffed with lots of lemon grass and the inside is rubbed with salt.  There is an assigned staff to cut the lechon for you.  All you have to do is say how much lechon you want.


It’s hard to pass up a deal of unlimited lechon, rice and a bunch of other dishes for just 188 pesos. It is really a good deal.  The place is clean although the toilets need a little work and when we came for lunch there was a power outage.  The staff was very helpful and even played lounge music on their cell phone so we would feel entertained even though there was no electricity.

Note: you are just paying 188 pesos so please don’t expect the place and food to be like Vikings or other good buffets like L’Fisher Hotel’s (best buffet in Bacolod)

Ceba Lechon House is located at Corner Rosario & Gatuslao Street Bacolod City (beside CASAP school)

Telephone number: 0921 288 2772

Opens at 10:00 am to 9pm

Official Facebook Page:

They also have a branch at Burgos Street near Lopues east!



The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, gifts or incentives from Ceba Lechon House.

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