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Arcanopolis Cafe and Boardgamery: Board game cafe in Bacolod!

Board Games are cool once again! Modern board games are more than just the Monopoly or Scrabble games that you played in your childhood.  Board games now offer a rich gaming experience and can be played with kids or adults!  

Here in Bacolod, Arcanopolis Cafe and Boardgamery offers a premium gaming experience for kids and adults.

Arcanopolis Cafe and Boardgamery is located at Jomabo building,  Lacson Street Bacolod City.

Arcanopolis Cafe and Boardgamery is the biggest boardgaming cafe in Negros Occidental.  They have a fully stocked cafe with drinks and snacks. The interior is full of different types of tables for different kinds of games.

There are long tables for card games.

The long card tables are perfect for card game tournaments or just about any game that requires long tables.  Arcanopolis Cafe and Boardgamery can also host events and take much of the hassle out of planning a game night with your friends.

A card game tournament in full swing.

For those who love strategy games, there are also a lot of miniature wargames and tactical games available to be played.  Arcanopolis has Hordes, Warmachine and Warhammer miniatures available.


The main game being played is Infinity – a sci fi based wargame that has you putting up your squad of miniatures against opposing squads.  It is a lot of fun and it is played on miniature terrain and scenery that heightens players enjoyment of the game.


The boardgame tables are smaller and perfect for groups who want to play games or bring their own games to play.  Arcanopolis Cafe and Boardgamery allows you to play all you can!

Rates are 100 pesos for boardgames and 50 pesos for card games play all you can!


Haven’t got any games to play? Arcanopolis has got you covered. For those who want to have board game night with your  friends there are a lot of good board games to choose from.  There’s NO Monopoly here! All the games are recent more popular games that everyone can enjoy.  There are regular scheduled games for Dungeons and Dragons and other campaign based board games.


There’s also a lot of kid friendly games that kids and parents can play to stimulate kids minds and imagination.  When kids play board games they learn to follow rules and directions, learn social skills, learn to take turns and to be gracious winners and losers.



There’s also big tables for big meetings and larger gaming groups.  Food and refreshments is not a problem since Arcanopolis has a cafe where people can order “gaming grub”


In the works is the plan to soon get the cafe ready to be a boardgaming / coworking space. Work and Play? now that’s awesome!

Arcanopolis Cafe and Boardgamery is open Tuesdays to Sundays 11am to 8pm. They are located at Jomabo building, Lacson street (Across from business inn)

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The Bacolod Food hunters did not accept any freebies, money or any incentives from Aracanopolis for this review.

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