Kopisina Bacolod: A new coworking space in Bacolod City with Taiwanese snacks and meals!

Kopisina Bacolod is a special new coworking space in Bacolod that combines Taiwanese snacks, productivity and high speed 100mbps Internet! This place recently opened its doors at the beautiful Shop House Heritage Town Center at Narra Extension Bacolod City.  Come and visit them!


Kopisina Bacolod has a Taiwanese chef making their meals and snacks so we gave them a try.

Their meals are classical Taiwanese favourites which are familiar to Filipinos.  Since Taiwan and the Philippines are both asian countries the meals are familiar and yet a little different.

They’re really good: here are our favorites

Braised beef noodle soup – 150php

The braised beef noodle soup is a dish that is familiar to most people. Chunks of beef and vegetables are simmered in a soup until tender and served with a bit of hot chili oil on the side.  The soup comes in these cute little cups with a little extension on the side to hold the hot chili oil.


If you love chicken, try Kopisina Bacolod’s Basil Fried Chicken.  Seasoned chicken chunks are fried along with fresh basil leaves until both are crispy.  The fried basil leaves are just like Crispy Kangong.  Extremely good with rice.

Basil Fried Chicken

The Popular Crispy Pork Chop is a pork cutlet cooked in the traditional Taiwanese way.  The oriental spices are infused into the crispy coating.  When we were college students at  DLSU Manila, a stall at the University Mall had Taiwanese pork and chicken chops.  It’s nice to try these favourites once again.  


Another of our favourite dishes at Kopisina Bacolod is the Barkada Platter! It’s a dish that combines all of the stuff we like.  The barkada platter has flavored crispy Taiwanese sweet potato chips, fried taiwanese pork cutlets, sweet potato balls and the Basil fried chicken. This platter is big enough for sharing.

Barkada Platter – 300php

We tried one of their desserts – the Taiwanese Fried bun.  This is Taiwanese steamed bun fried and drizzled with condensed milk. It is cheap, inexpensive and filling.

Fried Bun – 50php

Refresh yourself with a glass or bulb of Taiwanese milk tea.  This delightful drink comes with a reusable and ecological bamboo straw. Very cute!


After our refreshing meal it was time to visit the second floor where the coworking space is located.  The co-working space is bright, well lit and has plenty of little nooks and crannies where one can sit down and work in peace.  There are also lots of areas that involve climbing so it’s also a fun sort of place.



There are many bean bags, couches and electrical outlets.



Kopisina and Shop House Heritage Town Center is located at Narra Extension Bacolod City. Opens from 7am -10pm

Soft opening on February 9.

Official Facebook Page:

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, money or food for this article.

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