Lemon Grass Bacolod: Authentic Thai and Vietnamese Dishes

There’s finally an authentic Thai restaurant in Bacolod City!   Check out Lemon Grass in the new opened Ayala Capitol Central Mall .  Lemon Grass Bacolod serves delicious Thai and Vietnamese dishes that has Bacoleños lining up for a taste.

We went to Lemon Grass Bacolod on Ayala Capitol Central’s opening day.   This restaurant is located on the first floor of the mall and it is relatively easy to find.

Lemon Grass’ grand opening!

It was extremely packed inside. Fortunately we were able to get seats right by the windows.

The interior of Lemon grass is Asian minimalist.

We had two of Lemon Grass’ drinks.  Thai iced tea and Lychee shake.  They came in tall glasses and were fantastic.  The drinks lasted us until the end of the meal. That’s how big they were!IMG_0020.JPG

Thai iced tea and Lychee shake – 100 php each

Thai iced tea is quite different from the normal iced tea that Filipinos know. It’s milkier, stronger and creamier and has a very distinct color. Very nice.


Our first meal arrived.  We ordered a bowl of Pho Bo ( Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup)- we were surprised – the portion sizes are really big in this place!

Pho Bo – 365 php

The Pho is amazing!  The broth is a clear beef broth and the beef is soft and tender.  Floating in the broth are some fish cakes, cilantro and welsh onions.  The simpleness of the broth brings out the individual flavors of the beef and the vegetables. The broth is not salty at all. For flavoring there is some lemon which you can squeeze into the broth and some mint leaves which you can crumble up and toss in as well.


Fancy a Vietnamese crepe?  Try the Banh Xeo, vietnamese sizzling crepe filled with chicken, bean sprouts and cilantro.  This was served with a spicy sweet vinegar chili and lettuce. A friend advised us that the proper way to eat this is to put a piece of everything into a lettuce leaf and eat it.

Bahn Xeo -285 php

Gai Pad Grapow is a stir-fried dish of chicken.  This was served with two pieces of what we initially thought was fried kangkong but actually it turned out to be holy basil.  The chicken is extremely delicious when you eat it with the fried basil.

Gai Pad Grapow – 275 php

Love shrimp? Don’t worry Lemon Grass Bacolod has got you covered! We got their Tod Man Kung  (Shrimp cakes).  It is pieces of shrimp chopped up and formed into patties.  It was served with a sweet chili dipping sauce.

Tod Man Kung – 285 php

There’s chopped vegetables mixed in with the patty and the shrimp patties are also served with a side of chopped cucumbers and chili. The combination enhances the shrimp flavor.




Guoi Cuon and Pomelo Salad


Crispy fried fish



Lemon Grass Bacolod is a great restaurant to visit if you want to try authentic Vietnamese and Thai food. It’s so nice to experience something new in Bacolod. One of the top chefs in Bacolod who was with me really enjoyed the dining experience.

Lemon Grass Bacolod is located on the first floor of Ayala Capitol Central on Gatuslao street, Bacolod City.

Opens at 10am till mall closing hours.

No telephone number yet (to be updated) but you can make your reservations via their official facebook page:

Excellent service. We are going again so we made reservations via their Facebook page.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any payment, incentives or free food for this review.

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