Mei’s Salmon House: Eat all you can Salmon for 299 pesos!

UPDATE: Mei’s Salmon house has moved – Current address is at : Blk 5 lot 25 Moritz St. Helvetia Heights



Eat all you can Salmon for 299 pesos!? It sounds like a dream but yes, it really is true – Mei’s Salmon house is a restaurant in Bacolod that serves various salmon dishes just for 299 pesos!


We found the restaurant without any difficulty.  Mei’s Salmon House is located at Blk 5 lot 25 Moritz St. Helvetia Heights Bacolod City


There are plenty of seats in the garden and also inside.

The walls of Mei’s Salmon are lined with educational posters about Salmon.  There is a big freezer right by the entrance that is filled to the brim with Salmon. Mei’s Salmon house is not just a restaurant – they are also a supplier selling frozen wild salmon.  

Plenty of Salmon in the freezers.

There are many things on the menu.  Everything is All you can eat.  Select the stuff that you want to order and inform the cook – they will begin preparing the food.  They don’t have chafing dishes filled with food like most buffets do.  Each order is personally prepared. Feel free to order anything -it’s all included in the 299 price!

The Menu.

The “Appitizers” on the menu are actually the dishes already.   We ordered the most popular dishes to try.  We ordered the BBQ Salmon steak, the Salmon Steak and the Salmon sisig.

After a few minutes all the food arrived on a big tray. Everything looked so delicious and the aroma of cooked Salmon was very tempting!

Left to right: Salmon Sisig, BBQ Salmon Steak and regular Salmon Steak.

The Salmon sisig was really good!  The Salmon was cut up into chunks and then seasoned with chopped onions and red and green chilis.  The dish was not oily as most sisig dishes are.  Instead of oil there was a thin creamy sauce that went very well with the spicy chili and chunks of Salmon.

Salmon Sisig – our absolute favorite.

We tried the Salmon steak – as soon as we cut open the steaks and saw the rich pink meat inside we couldn’t wait to begin eating.

Of the two steaks we had I preferred the BBQ Salmon steak as the surface was seared, amplifying the flavor.

BBQ Salmon Steak

We tried Mei’s Salmon House’s burger.  It consists of a thick salmon patty with cucumbers, onions and tomatoes.  It was just ok. A little too much extenders.  Some may like it, some might not.  Since you’re already paying 299 pesos simply order a tuna steak and have them replace the patty with a chunk of salmon.

Mei’s Salmon Burger.

There were assorted sushi rolls available. We ordered the one that looks the most appetizing – the Smoked Salmon Cream cheese roll.  

Although the roll was not exactly the best in quality, there were flashes of brilliance such as actually having avocado in the roll.

Smoked Salmon Cream cheese roll.

We ordered the sashimi – the order has a generous amount of salmon strips.  They were still a bit frozen when they were served so we suggest ordering them at the start of the meal and letting them thaw a bit before eating.



Come and try the Salmon at Mei’s Salmon house!  It’s a really good deal.  Load up on those healthy omega-3 oils from Salmon – one of the world’s tastiest fish!

Mei’s Salmon house: Blk 5 lot 25 Moritz St. Helvetia Heights

Opens 11am – 8pm

Monday to Saturday

Telephone number: 700-8526 / 709-8143


The Bacolod Food hunters did not accept any freebies/money or incentives for this review

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