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BoMugs Sizzler and Coffee.

BoMugs is a newly opened restaurant in Eroreco subdivision.  This restaurant is just run out of a garage but already it is beginning to be extremely popular.

Bo Mugs is located on 9-21 Andalucia Street, Eroreco Subdivision.

There’s no air conditioning in BoMugs. The place is cool and breezy due to several strategically placed electric fans.

A mural decorates the main dining area.

The main counter is simple and functional.  A chalkboard lists all the stuff they have.

We ordered all the entrees.  Each entree doesn’t cost more than 160 pesos making this place super affordable.


Our orders arrived – They look EXTREMELY GOOD.  Portion sizes are large and generous.

Sizzling Sisig, Sizzling Pork Belly and Pakbet Rice with Kawali

The sizzling sisig is top notch.  The meat is a little soft with some firm bits. The texture is just right – a nice combination of soft, creamy and chewy at the same time.  This dish pairs well with white rice.

Bo Mugs Sizzling Sisig – 130php

The next dish is Pakbet rice with Kawali!  Pakbet or Pinakbet is a Filipino vegetable dish that uses shrimp paste.  I don’t usually eat Pinakbet but Bo Mugs has made an excellent fried rice that is just right.  The shrimp taste is not over powering and there are chunks of squash in the rice.  This tastes like Khao Klukh Krapi (Shrimp paste fried rice).


Kawali is crispy deep fried pork belly.  It is a popular Filipino comfort food.  I’m quite happy with the portion size. Bo Mugs serves the kawali with a spicy vinegar sauce.

Pakbet rice with Kawali – 140 php

More pork arrives –  Bo Mugs sizzling pork belly with plenty of garlic.  It is covered in a thin gravy and it comes with a side of vegetables.

Sizzling Pork Belly -150 php

Just look at the size of that spareribs! It’s almost half the size of the plate.

Grilled Spare ribs – 155php

The sole chicken entree is a familiar dish to people in Bacolod City. It is the eternal favourite of students – the famous Chicken Pesto!  Each restaurant has its own version of chicken pesto.  Bo Mugs’ chicken pesto is made up of breaded and fried chicken cutlets covered in a creamy pesto sauce.

Chicken Pesto -140 php

We had kids dining with us so we ordered a Monte Cristo sandwich which is a fried ham and cheese sandwich.  The kids loved it.

Monte Cristo Sandwich

Give Bo Mugs a try whenever you are in Eroreco Subdivision. It’s a nice alternative to Pamilya Grill which is sometimes too full. It is also located near Saint Scholastica’s Academy so hungry parents who are picking up their kids can have a quick bite to eat.



BoMugs is located at 9-21 Andalucia street, Eroreco Subdivision Bacolod City

Opening Hours:


Coffee Starts 9AM-8PM

Food Starts 10AM -8PM


Coffee starts 9AM

Food Starts 10AM-2PM



Telephone number: 09238767522

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The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any payment, incentives or freebies from BoMugs for this review.

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