Hungry? Head to Ayala Malls Capitol Central for a hearty eat-all you can meal at Annyeong Samgyupsal Korean BBQ and Ramen house!

Annyeong Samgyupsal Korean BBQ & Ramen House. Now open at Ayala Capitol Central Mall.

The interior of Annyeong Samgyupsal looks very high tech and futuristic.  It’s the sort of place which will make fans of Korean food and Kpop feel at home.  Kpop music plays non stop and Korean Music Videos play non stop on a large TV screen.

The side tables have the grill built into the middle but if you are at the center tables you use a small portable grill.  Korean Side dishes are already laid out ready for the diners.


The side dishes that were included when we arrived were pickled turnips, Kimchi and sweet spicy dilis (little fish).


Time to order: There are three eat all you can sets available. 299 for Unlimited Pork Belly with two dishes of Marinated Pork and two dishes of Marinated chicken (These two marinated meats are not unlimited – only the pork belly is.)

We got the basic meal. 299 php.

The most expensive is the 549 Meat and Seafood all you can set – go wild!

Here’s what the most basic meal 299 unlimited meal looks like.  You get two sets of marinated pork (not unlimited).  The set is made up of chili marinated pork and garlic marinated pork.

The meat in the middle is basic unmarinated pork jowl – this is unlimited. No limitations.

The set below is garlic chicken and chili marinated chicken.

Go wild.

Service was pretty good! The staff kept jumping to help us with our order, even offering to stay by our table and grill it themselves.

The helpful staff at Annyeong Samgyupsal.

We were surprised when the staff started dancing!  It turns out that yes – the staff do dance to Kpop occasionally for the entertainment of the diners!

We had a nice meal – the meat was perfectly barbecued and we ate a lot.  There is also ramen and other Korean food on the menu but we were already really full after eating so much meat.

Mmmm. Korean barbecue is really good.

Pointers to remember when dining at Annyeong Samgyupsal:

Your total bill is exclusive of 5% service charge so watch out if you are on a budget. The charge is written on the menu – the waitrers/waitresses might not explain this so be aware.

It’s unli meat but not unli rice or bottomless drinks (Iced tea, in our case).  Just add 50 pesos more for unli rice and bottomless drinks.

Don’t forget to tip the dancing waitresses!

Annyeong Samgyupsal is located at 3rd floor Ayala Malls Capitol Central, Gatuslao Street Bacolod City.

Official Facebook:

Telephone number: 0929 759 6652

The Bacolod food hunters did not receive any freebies, payments or money for this review.

4 comments on “Annyeong Samgyupsal:Korean BBQ and Ramen house

  1. Dougie Marshall

    Won’t be trying the pork any time soon! Far too much fat!

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  2. Cecilia Yuthasastrakosol

    We’ll try Korean food too.


  3. Is it per head? Or you could order the 449 for 4 people?

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