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Datablitz: Finally in Bacolod: An in-Depth look

Gamers on Negros Island rejoice: There are now THREE game stores in Bacolod City and one of them is Datablitz – the game store that started it all in the Philippines!

Datablitz is a video game store company that is now over 20 years old.  This company sells ORIGINAL games and consoles.  They’re extremely popular because of their extensive array of games and consoles.

Datablitz in Ayala Capitol Central Bacolod.

We visited Datablitz Bacolod to see what they have in stock.  Right off the bat we noticed the big display cases filled with high end mice.  Brands such as Razer and Corsair and Logitech were everywhere.

Gaming Mice.  That Portable PS4 monitor in the lower right corner caught our eye.

Cases for the nintendo switch and accessories for controllers are everywhere too.


There are also a variety of controllers and accessories for the Playstation 4 – currently the most popular gaming console.


I have to address  a certain “elephant in the room” because discerning gamers who visit the store will notice it anyway – There are a lot of cheap Chinese accessories, mice and keyboards at Datablitz.  While cheap is good, sometimes these untrusted brands may have issues with the quality in the long run.


There’s a lot of Nintendo stuff at Datablitz Bacolod. They have an entire set of rare Smash Bros amiibo.  These little toys link up with the Nintendo switch game system and other Nintendo games.  These are very well made and very collectible.


The hard to find Nintendo Labo kits are also here.


Gamers will go crazy over the Razer headset section.  Datablitz even has the rare Overwatch Meka headset.


What would a video game store be without games?  There’s a lot of them!  The shelves are at eye level and customers are free to pick them up and examine the covers before buying them.


The store has just opened and kids are eagerly checking out the games. It’s a very family-friendly shop.

These young men were in the store to check out the latest games.

Datablitz strength is in the wide array of stuff that they carry.  They carry gaming tables, desks and gaming chairs.  They also have really specialized gaming gear such as this driving Seat and Steering wheel controller that the two other game stores don’t have.


Personally, I love Datablitz but what I do not like at all is that they do not have an online shop like I-tech (Gameone Gadget).  Come on Datablitz – you’re stuck in the stone age. Online shopping is the future!

A family picks out games to play.

It’s a great time to be a gamer in Bacolod City!

Datablitz is located at the Third floor of Ayala Malls Capitol Central on Gatuslao Street Bacolod City.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any freebies, payments for this review.

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