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Relax and enjoy nature at Guerrero Farm and Nature Park

Want to de-stress and relax?  Guerrero Farm and Nature Park is a resort in Talisay City, Negros Occidental that offers a quiet and peaceful “return to nature” experience.

We arrived at Guerrero farms after a 40 minute trip from Bacolod City.  We came early and we had a fantastic view of the two swimming pools. One pool is for adults and the other smaller one is for kids.  The adult pool’s depth is from 4 feet at the shallow end and 7 feet at the deep end.  All around the pools are tables, benches and cottages for rent.


Lush vegetation and blooming plants can be seen all around.  The air feels fresher and cooler too.


Each pool is fed by natural springwater but it is chlorinated for hygienic purposes.

Bringing your own food is allowed in the resort. Some of the gazebos have a simple barbecue griller where you can cook your food.  You can also request your food to be cooked for a minimal fee. We brought our food but we had it cooked as we didn’t want the hassle of grilling it ourselves.


Forgot to bring food and snacks? Guerrero Farms and Nature Park has a beautiful Mexican themed Cantina that has meals, souvenirs and snacks.

Gorgeous blooming plants surround the Cantina.

The Cantina has big windows that are covered with screens.  The inside is cool and breezy.

This cozy nook in the cantina is just right for a quick nap.

You can order food and drinks at the Cantina. The specialty of  the house is roast turkey and duck stew (pato tim).  These have a three to four hour prep time so order far ahead in advance.

The Bar is very pretty
A bench where one can relax under the painted skull.

We left the resort and headed up the dirt road to another area where we could interact with some animals.

Walking up the trail

When we got to the animal area we immediately got surrounded by a group of friendly ducks, turkeys and chickens!  You can pay a little to feed the animals which are very tame. They will eat right out of your hands!   There is also a hamster and guinea pig coop where you can get up close with these furry rodents.

Feeding the ducks, chickens and turkeys. It occurred to us that these fat, well fed poultry probably are the birds on the Cantina’s menu!

There is also a monkey in this area.  It is quite well behaved and sociable.

A friendly monkey was attracted to the food

Lucas, a Rotary exchange student who was with us was very excited to feed the monkey and gave the monkey some of the cracked corn that was used to feed the turkeys.

Feeding the monkey

We left the animals behind and walked up to the nursery where they had several varieties of cacti and succulents.

Everything has this “rustic” farmhouse look.

It is amazing to see all the different kinds of plants growing here.  Some of these are for sale but most of them are part of the farm’s collection.  There are a lot of cacti and they look very impressive growing together.

Pretty succulents and cacti.
Cacti overload

There are several, very pretty art pieces designed by the owner’s daughter lying around the farms.  Some of these are very eye-catching and pretty such as a potty that was covered in tiles and converted into a mini fountain.

A cute potty

A light rain started to fall so we beat a hasty retreat back to our gazebo and we were rewarded with a rare and beautiful sight.  The temperature dropped and fog started to slowly envelop the resort.

The fog began creeping slowly through the trees.

We felt at peace with the world just sitting there listening to the rain and watching the trees being slowly enveloped by fog.  The stress just melted away.  It was a beautiful moment.


The rain stopped and we were then free to explore more of the resort.

A pine tree covered in rain

We headed to the fishpond where you could fish and catch Tilapia!  You then had the option of having your catch cooked.  There’s a little gazebo out in the middle of the pond where you could rent rods and sit while you fished.

Fishpond with Tilapia

Lucas managed to catch three fish!  We didn’t chose to eat them but instead we threw them back after taking a couple of pictures of them.

Lucas is thrilled to catch a fish!

Close by the fishpond is one of Guerrero Farms main attractions – a giant slip and slide. You get hosed down with soapy water then you simply jump into the 150 foot long slide!  The kids in our group were eager to try it!


Lucas hurtled down the slide at great speed.  He landed into the bottom pool with a huge splash!


Pia, another kid in our group opted to slide down slowly and used her leg as a brake.



Here’s a video of the slip and slide in action!

After the excitement of the Slip and Slide we were ready for lunch back at the Cantina where we had ordered a lunch of grilled pork belly and chicken binakol soup to warm us up.

Chicken Binakol is a dish of chicken cooked with coconut meat and coconut water. It’s a light soup that has plenty of refreshing  electrolytes from the coconut.

I also had a mango shake and chicken flakes.

Lunchtime by the window.

The Cantina also has souvenirs. I opted to buy a cute fridge magnet. It is made of resin and is handpainted in very attractive colors.

A cactus fridge magnet

After lunch it was time for another low key activity – a Carabao Cart ride.  The kids enjoyed it.   The Carabao pulling the cart is a somewhat rare albino carabao so it was a great photo opportunity for the kids to take photos.

Carabao ride

At the very tip of Guerrero farms and Nature Park is a wide open field where people can do all sorts of activities such as stargazing at night (yes, you can stay at the resort overnight) or simply just sit in one of the gazebos and watch the mountains and the clouds.


Guerrero Farms and Nature Park also has rooms where people can stay the night and other activities such as camping, horseback riding and trekking but due to the rainy weather we weren’t able to do more of the outdoor activities.  We went home feeling super relaxed and happy.

One highlight of our trip was taking photos of the different flowers and fruits we saw inside the resort.

A bicycle transformed into a plantbox.
Balloon plant

We hope you try out Guerrero Farm and Nature Park in Talisay City.  It is a nice, quiet resort that may not have all the flashy attractions of other resorts but it is perfect for people who want a simpler, down to earth experience. It’s also popular with Celebrities who want to be “away from the crowds” and the hustle /bustle.

We brought Rockwell Ryan Ripperger, – The lead singer of Stephen speaks  (Passenger Seat, Out of my league) to Guerrero  farms and he loved it!  He even performed a  mini concert for us. So, check out Guerrero farms today.

Guerrero farm and Nature Park is located at Barangay Cabatangan Talisay City.

Entrance fee is 80 pesos for adults and 60 pesos for kids and seniors.

Here’s a map on how to get to Guerrero Farms: Please click to enlarge.

Contact Number: (034) 434 4368


You can contact their main office to arrange for transport to pick up and drop off  your group to and from Concepcion.

Contact the main office and their facebook page for more information on the many activities you can do at Guerrero farms.

Gazebo Rates range from 350- 3000 pesos

15966037_1559289084088335_8666717234925393289_n (1)

Cottage rates for overnight stay range from 1500 to 3,000 pesos




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