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Wholly Grounds: Healthy food at The Garden

Enjoy nature, healthy food and have photoshoots in a lush urban Garden in Bacolod city!

The Garden is a huge lush garden sitting in plain sight along Lacson street. It’s amazing how its easily overlooked.


The Garden is located just after the Pepsi Bata flyover and the Northbound Ceres Terminal. Just look for the brown sign.

Once inside you will see Wholly Grounds – a new restaurant that serves healthy, vegetarian dishes.


Wholly Grounds has big windows that let in plenty of natural light. The interior is also full of beautiful plants which makes the place look very peaceful and relaxing.

Wholly Grounds serves yummy, healthy vegetarian food. Here’s what we ordered:

We began with Flatbread and hummus. Hummus is a tasty dip made with chickpeas and olive oil.  It’s quite addicting.

Flatbread and Hummus 155 php.

We loved the fantastic Musubi rice bowl and the Burrito Rice bowls.  These are extremely good and fantastic tasting dishes that we feel everyone should try.

Don’t miss the awesome Musubi bowl and Burrito Bowls

Musubi is a hawaiian dish that is similar to sushi.  Wholly Grounds’ Musubi bowl hits the right notes with their delicious vegetarian luncheon meat, strips of seaweed, bean sprouts and organic rice drizzled with a barbecue sauce.  Very tasty and highly recommended.

Musubi Bowl (150 Php)

The burrito bowl consists of beans, white garlic sauce and assorted vegetables.  The beans have a nutty flavor and they are cooked chili-style.  This is a very healthy and filling dish. You won’t miss meat at all

Burrito Bowl 125 php

Fancy some Tapa a.k.a Filipino style jerky?  Wholly grounds has Mushroom tapa on the menu.  The dish consists of fried oyster mushrooms in a sauce and it is served with a poached egg and pickled vegetables.

Mushroom Tapa (150 php)

The Soy Sriracha Kebabs consist of tofu chunks grilled with a sriracha sauce. It comes served with a side of pickled vegetables.

Soy Sriracha Kebabs (150 php)

The drinks at Wholly Grounds are quite interesting too!  We had the Coconut Cold brew which surprised us with its flavor.  Wholly Grounds combined fresh coconut juice with coffee and the taste was a bit unusual.  Overall it was very pleasant and refreshing but took some getting used to.

We also tried the Rosemary Calamansi drink – also a refreshing combination. All drinks have no added sugar so we enjoyed the tart natural flavor of Calamansi and the pleasant herbal taste of the Rosemary.

Coconut Cold brew


Rosemary Calamansi Juice

Desserts are wonderful at Wholly Grounds!   The sugar free “ice cream” or “Nice Cream” is extremely thick and as soon as we tasted it we realized that it was actually thick, pureed bananas!

The restaurant blended bananas and chocolate until it became a nice thick mixture that is very much like ice cream.

Chocolate “Nice cream”

They also have a Chia pudding made with whatever fresh fruit they have in season. It’s pretty much similar to the ice cream

Fresh fruit ice cream.

There’s more items on the menu such as pasta and sandwiches – we will be back shortly to try them.  We love the food!

After that epic meal we went to explore The Gardens.  The Gardens is a welcome patch of greenery in Bacolod City.  They charge a 30 peso entrance fee.  I’m surprised we didn’t notice this place sooner.

The Garden

Inside you can find all sorts of plants growing. There are also tables and chairs where one can sit and enjoy a quiet moment.  This place also is good for photoshoots! So many beautiful plants and flowers.

The Gardens’ main pathway.

For functions and events there are plenty of wide open spaces such as this one that look absolutely rustic and adorable.

Awesome looking area!


To get to The Gardens and Wholly Grounds, follow this simple map. They’re located near the North ceres bus terminal


Wholly Grounds is open Mondays to Sundays from 11:00am to 6:30 pm




The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies or incentives for this review. We paid for our own food.

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  1. Cecilia Yuthasastrakosol

    What is the exact address of the garden restaurant? Number of the bldg.please.


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