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Yori Korean restaurant

Yori Korean restaurant just opened in Bacolod!  This new Korean restaurant is currently on its soft opening.

The interior of Yori Korean Restaurant.

Yori Korean Restaurant is located at La Salle Avenue in a big converted house.  The house has plenty of rooms that the owner converted into individual function rooms for guests.

The Gorgeous hardwood banister of the original house is still intact

We tried their dishes. One popular item is a big bowl of stew with bits of vegetables, sausages and noodles. This is also known as “Army stew”

Budae Jjigae: Army stew

There are appetizers but unlike other Korean Restaurants they charge you if you ask for extra.  Sadly no unli appetizers at this place.

Bean sprouts fried in sesame oil, kimchi and stir fried eggplant.


Sogogi Jjokpamali is a dish of rolled, barbecued beef and chives. Good but overall a little too expensive for a simple dish.

Sogogi Jjokpamali (Rolled Beef with Chives) 4oo php


One of the cheapest items on their menu is a big heaping bowl of Korean style Ramen with plenty of toppings.  At 200 php you can already have a pleasant, filling meal that’s big enough to share.

Ham and sausage Ramyeon (200 php)


We also tried their sweet and sour pork. The taste was not as strong as Chinese style sweet and sour pork and instead was milder and less sweetish.  Quite nice.

Sweet and sour pork (400 php)

I had some friends with me who had never had Korean food before so I got Depesamgyeupsal (thinly sliced pork belly) and Chadolbaggi Gui (Thinly sliced beef brisket).   To eat these you need to grill them on a stove – This is fun!

Everything came in this little cart!  

The meat came with vegetables, lettuce to wrap it in and a cute gas stove with a bowl on top for soup.

Look at all that meat!

The CEO of the restaurant, Christine Young personally came over to demonstrate to my guests how to eat and enjoy Korean barbecue.


It’s so easy to eat!  You simply grill your meat and when it’s done you wrap it in a lettuce leaf with all the sauce and vegetables.  My friends had a really good time!


Yori Korean restaurant is still on its soft opening so there are a lot of kinks to be worked out.  They will formally launch the restaurant on August 4 so visit them soon!

Yori Korean Restaurant

#9 La Salle Avenue Bacolod City

Open from 10am – 11 pm Monday to Sundays

Telephone number: (034)709-9339

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept or receive any incentives, money or freebies for this review.




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