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Veggie Bites Café: Tasty and Healthy Vegetarian Dishes

Veggie Bites Café is a remarkable café that serves healthy, tasty vegetable snacks and meals. Try their culinary masterpieces that will convert even the pickiest kids and meat loving adults into vegetable lovers. 

Veggie Bites Café is located at Hi-Strip 4, 2nd Floor, Villa Angela Carlos Hilado Highway

We were invited to the grand opening of Veggie Bites (food was served buffet style) but we decided not to go because we don’t accept freebies and it’s not our thing. We pay for our food in order to give our readers a true, authentic experience – just as if our readers ordered the food themselves.

We went incognito so as not to get preferential treatment. Our experience blew us away.  Veggie Bites café is absolutely stellar.  The food is so good – Veggie Bites is truly a must visit restaurant in Bacolod! Vegans and Vegetarians will love this place.

Only here in Veggie Bites café is the most delicious appetizer I have ever had. It was so good I ordered three batches for take out.  – This delicious snack is Veggie Bites’ Buffalo Broccoli.  

Buffalo Broccoli.  95 pesos will get you a HUGE pile of delicious, scrumptious broccoli

Broccoli is covered in a light batter and deep fried until crispy then covered with a sweetish asian-influenced buffalo sauce.  It is so SCRUMPTIOUS!  The price is absolutely cheap too – 95 pesos gets you a lot of broccoli – good enough to share.

It also comes with a lemony mayo dip with chili but I found that to be unnecessary as the asian buffalo sauce was good enough. If you love Broccoli or even if you hate the vegetable – give this awesome dish a try!

Lemony goodness!

The service at Veggie Bites Café is quite good.  Dishes are prepared rapidly and they come out looking very presentable.  Here is part of our meal with the next dish – Veggie Bites’ Mushroom sisig and egg.

Wow, what a feast!

In this dish, mushrooms perfectly mimic the texture and appearance of sisig.  You won’t miss meat at all.  This dish would have been perfect but it was a little too salty. I mentioned this to the chef so that he could make adjustments. It’s still a pretty good dish.

Mushroom sisig and Egg 105 php

The waitress soon appeared with our next order: Vegetarian Nachos. It was HUGE – the dish was almost half the size of our tray.

Veggie Bites giant serving of nachos.

The Nachos consist of Tortilla chips which are served with a tomato sauce. The meat is tofu tapa. The usual nacho toppings are there – consisting of cabbage, cucumbers and onions. Quite nice. The sauce is a bit sweetish too.

Bigger is better. Share Veggie Bites’ Giant Vegetarian Nachos with your friends! 125 PHP

For pasta we opted to try Veggie Bites’ Lasagna.  It is served in a sweet tomato sauce and stuffed with spinach and white cheese (kesong puti.) It is quite filling! There is a generous amount of pasta.  It is served quite hot so be careful when eating it.

Lasagna 190 php

If you want just a little bit of everything try Veggie Bites cafés’ Veggie bowl.  This is a large dish with plenty of vegetables that are seasoned and cooked perfectly. There are bell peppers, eggplant, mushrooms, carrots, green peas, caramelized onions, fried tofu and a boiled egg all temptingly arranged around rice.

Veggie Bowl 135 php.

When you’re at Veggie bites café don’t pass up on their delicious shakes.  These are made with real fruit and will cool you down in a jiffy. There are different flavors – we tried two of them.

The most popular drink on the menu is the Peach, Mango and Orange Shake. The fruits are all blended together with ice until silky smooth and garnished with chia seeds. Very refreshing.

Refreshing Peach, Mango and Orange Shake.

We also recommend trying their Buko shake.  This shake has a mild sweetness from the coconut meat.  Chunks of pineapple add texture and bursts of flavor. This shake is not as sweet as the other shakes which makes it so appealing for those who want to watch their sugar intake!

Buko shake 85 PHP. A Coconut based shake. The mild coconut flavor is very appealing.

To wrap up your meal – try ordering one of the most unique and healthy desserts in Bacolod City – Veggie Bites’ Smoothie bowls.

We had the Mango Tango Smoothie bowl.  This ice-cold smoothie has a thick, creamy consistency due to blended bananas and orange. It tastes just like ice cream!  The whole blended concoction is topped with generous portions of shaved almonds, chia seeds, diced coconut, sliced kiwi fruit and diced mangoes.  You will be full when you try this dessert! It’s so big and filling!

Smoothie Bowl 220 php. Healthy snacking.  One bowl is good for two people as it is packed to bursting with fruit and delicious, ice-cold blended banana.

We really enjoyed our visits to Veggie Bites café.  We can honestly say that this is one of our favourite restaurants in Bacolod City due to the good food.  For true vegetarians, the menu is not 100% egg and dairy free but requests can be made to ensure that these ingredients are omitted in your meals.

Hang out and relax with your friends at Veggie Bites café.

 While I was there, I learned that Veggie Bites café is owned by the Adventist Medical Center and is operated under DISPAGG Corporation.  No wonder the food is so good! We love the food at Adventist. They’re known for their high quality meals!

If you’ve got questions, special requests or needs – feel free to approach Veggie bites café’s manager Japhet Galve. She is constantly puttering about in the store like a busy little bee making sure everything is just right for the customers.

The chef behind most of the dishes is the incredible Raul Javelosa Jr. He also runs a popular restaurant known as Kix place.

Sit on cushions while using your gadgets and devices! Outlets are provided.

We do hope you guys come and visit Veggie Bites Café. Vegans will feel at home in this amazing restaurant.  The vegan food is excellent and delicious. They turned me into a devoted fan from the first bite.

Veggie Bites Café is located at Hi-Strip 4, 2nd Floor, Villa Angela Carlos Hilado Highway.

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11am-9pm and Fridays 11am-2pm.

Closed on Saturdays.Telephone number: 0917 704 4388

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