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Bago City’s Secret merienda spot: MCBoy Pizza

Today’s Article is about a special Pizza restaurant in Bago City, Negros Occidental – This is something really special – One of Bago City’s hottest merienda/snack spots – it’s McBoy Pizza!

MCBoy Pizza is located at General Luna Street. Bago City.  Contact number is 09301137527

At first glance you wouldn’t even know that this place is a pizzeria as the whole place consists of nipa huts and the restaurant is hidden behind a bush.


The inside of MCBoy Pizza is simple. The floor is rough concrete and only fans are there to keep the heat at bay. Looks are deceiving – this place filled up pretty quickly with Bago city locals ordering pizzas for merienda!


You’ll be surprised at the menu. For such a small place they serve TWENTY SEVEN varieties of pizza along with Lasagna, baked macaroni and french fries. They even have calzone!

Twenty seven varieties of pizza – some pizzas are not on their menu board but on the delivery flyers.

The cooks prepare the pizza in plain sight of the diners. MCBoy pizza has four sizes of pizza. Regular, Family, XL and XXL. The current trend for pizzas in Negros Island is size. The bigger it is the more people can share it.


A few minutes later the pizza is done!  The default pizza sauce is a sweetish – tomatoey mix lovingly named the MCBoy Sauce. The other sauces that you can have are Garlic Sauce, BBQ Sauce and Texan Sauce. These are usually used for other pizzas but you can talk to the owner to mix-n-match your sauce and toppings.

Marlon Carbonilla – the owner of McBoy Pizza

Once the pizza is ready it is cooked in a big oven and it is ready in 15 minutes.


We ordered a couple of regular sized pizzas to try them out.  We had an ordinary cheese pizza and a McBoy Deluxe pizza.  

Cheese Pizza
Regular Size McBoy Deluxe Pizza

The pizza dough was light and flaky. The cheese was ok – sauce was a bit sweetish but overall they were quite good pizzas that Filipinos would be sure to love. It’s no wonder that the place is quite busy.

One of the things that Mcboy will let you do besides customizing your pizza is letting you cook your own pizza ( with fee of course)

Our friend Mike brought his own toppings along and asked the staff to cook us his own special giant pizza.


It turned out perfect! Thank you so much Mike!


Mcboy Pizza also offers free delivery for their Family, XL and XXL size pizza for addresses inside Bago City Proper.  They’re open from 9am to 10pm. Do drop by and give them a try.

This article was not sponsored by MCBoy pizza – we did not accept any freebies or incentives from them.

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