bacolod Chinese Restaurants

Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant

We had our Sunday lunch at Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant is one of many Chinese restaurants in Bacolod.

The inside is decorated with Red tablecloths. The tables are circular with a Lazy Susan featuring prominently in the middle of the table. There’s all sorts of things to order including Chinese cold cuts and Peking duck – all prominently displayed.


The right side of the entrance has numerous tanks containing live crabs, fish and even turtles!  For those interested it’s 800 php per kilo of turtle.


Hot and Sour soup is one of our favourite starters whenever we are in a Chinese restaurant.  This Hot and Sour is one of the better ones we’ve had in Bacolod. Plenty of veggies and tofu. It’s a little bit spicy but it’s mostly sourish. People who love sinigang will feel comfortable trying this soup.

Hot and Sour soup

I may have discovered a new favorite place for spicy squid!  Golden Fortune serves a quite tasty Spicy squid dish! Thin strips of squid are coated in a light spiced batter and deep fried. Served with red and green bird’s eye chili – this dish is quite addictive.

Spicy Squid

The seafood fried rice was ok. Typical fried rice tossed up with eggs and assorted seafood.

Seafood Fried Rice 380 php

Beef with Broccoli is another common dish that most Filipinos are familiar with. We loved the thin strips of beef with the rich brown sauce and the crunchy broccoli.  Plus points to the chef for including a carrot cut in the shape of a swan.

Beef with Broccoli 550 php

Lemon chicken is one of the dishes that I think could be a hit or miss depending on the tastes of your group. The lemon sauce makes the dish a bit too candy-like for me but the rest of the group seemed to like it.  A very interesting dish worth trying at least once.

Lemon chicken: 380 php medium sized

We love mushrooms so we got the dish “Three kinds of mushrooms with broccoli.”  The mushrooms consisted of straw mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and button mushrooms. This is a nice vegetarian dish.

Three kinds mushrooms with broccoli: 320 php medium sized.

Overall we enjoyed our visit to Golden Fortune Seafood restaurant.  There are some really nice dishes that they do better than other restaurants however some of their dishes are really hit and miss when it comes to quality and taste. It all depends on your tastebuds!

Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant is located at Magsaysay avenue – Lacson Streets right beside Luxur Place.

Opens 9am -11pm Mondays to Sundays

Telephone number: (034) 434 9947

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