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Mandaue Foam Bacolod Showroom: Awesome Furniture in Bacolod.

Got a new house? Redecorating on a budget? If you’re shopping for furniture, household decors or even towels and pillows in Bacolod we highly recommend you drop by Mandaue Foam. This Cebu based mattress and furniture manufacturer has a showroom in Bacolod filled with FOUR stories of furniture for your house!

Mandaue Foam’s Bacolod Showroom is located at corner Lopez Jaena and Gonzaga streets with telephone numbers (034) 435-2006 and (034) 704 3800. They’re open Mondays to Sundays 9am to 8pm

The first floor of Mandaue foam’s showroom is where sofas, towels, beddings and other stuff are found.  They have a wide selection of affordable sofas that are oh-so-comfy.  Last December when we went they had a selection of recliners and sofas that looked and felt like the more expensive LA-Z boy ones. I guess they sold out pretty quick as they were all gone when we came back!

Customize your house with a good sofa set.

There’s a section with beddings, pillow cases and all bed related things also on the first floor. There’s also a section with memory foam pillows to help people with back problems.


Also on the first floor are assorted knickknacks and elegant decors for the house.  These are quite pretty!  There are also some glass jars and some vases if you’re in the mood for redecorating.

Watch out duck statue – I’m coming back to buy you as a gift for a friend!

A section that particularly fills me with joy is the towel section! There’s so many kinds and they range from the fluffy ones, simple ones to the hotel-style quality ones that you get in 5 star hotels.  Very nice!


I’m not a fan of plastic flowers but there are some gems among these faux blooms. I particularly like the cherry branches with cherry flowers. Put a couple sprigs of these in a vase for a simplistic yet elegant design.

A corner looks like a florists shop with all the flowers.

There’s an area where you can buy basic stuff like can openers, forks, spoons, pots and chopping boards.

Great looking selection

The second floor houses the mattress and pillow cases that Mandaue foam is famous for.  Feel free to test out the mattresses by lying on them! Nobody cares and in fact it is encouraged!  A friend of mine swears by these mattresses – there are some springy, thick and comfortable ones described as hotel quality mattresses.


Also on the second floor is a demo unit showing how pretty your home would look using Mandaue Foam’s furniture.


Everything you see here is available in the showroom. Very nice!


I found this gem on the second floor – Mandaue Foam’s chiropractic pillow. The ridge supports your neck so that your natural spine curvature is maintained while sleeping. They also sell wedge shaped pillows that are useful for those with medical conditions.

Sleep in comfort.
Small tables that will look good beside your bed

The third floor is full of dining tables, chairs and some shelves. You won’t find those old fashioned round tables here. These new tables are sleek and modern looking.


There’s an area where you can see every dining/regular chair that Mandaue foam has on sale. There are also bar stools! Very useful.


The fourth floor is where all the office furniture and office chairs are kept. I especially love this area.


All sorts of cabinets and desks are here. I’m especially interested in an L-shaped desk as I am currently assembling my home office.


Got a new TV? These stands will ensure your TV looks especially sharp-looking.


There are also childrens desks that are very cute, cheap and affordable. I like the look of the wood desk and the small table with the spaceship design would work well as a play table.


I came to Mandaue foam because I was primarily looking for a good office/gaming chair which had both neck and back support. Sure, I could always order chairs online but when buying chairs comfort and feel is a priority and you have to actually sit in the chair to see what feels right for your body.

There’s a variety of chairs available ranging from faux leather to mesh backed ones. I picked out two that were tall enough to support my head.


Mandaue Foam actually has a gaming chair.  It’s called the Dota High back office chair. This chair reclines, has both lumbar and neck pillows and is in the “racing chair” configuration that is popular with gamers.

It’s nice but my back was too wide to fit comfortably with it. My back was bumping against the raised contours for me to sit truly comfortably. I also thought that the fabric was too difficult to clean and because the chair is made of nylon – I felt that this would soon break. It’s tough being a bigger sized/ taller gamer.

Dota High Back office chair.

I settled instead for this Mc Coy high back office chair. It’s made of synthetic leather, has a beautiful cushion for the head, back and lumbar support and has a metal base. I love the pads on the sides of the chair.


What’s also really nice is that you don’t have to go to Mandaue Foam to begin your shopping. I suggest you start instead at their very nice website

You can take a look at what they have so you could get an idea of what you want to purchase. However there are several items that are in the showroom that are not on the website so visiting the showroom is really your best option if you are looking for something in particular.


After you purchase stuff you have the option of having it delivered fully assembled to your house. It’s 250 pesos for delivery however they’ll have to schedule it due to the large amount of orders they have.

Mandaue Foam also has a lifetime membership card system that is very useful if you are planning to make frequent purchases at Mandaue Foam. The discounts range from 20-15% so if you are buying a lot of furniture – consider getting a membership. In retrospect I could have applied for a card when purchasing the chair and gotten 900 pesos off. Minus the card application fee – that would save me 200 pesos – plus I can use the card again when I buy a desk!

Click here to read more

Thanks for reading this lengthy post. Very happy with my chair! I will be return to Mandaue Foam to get an L shaped desk, a couple of pillows and several other items.

The Bacolod Food hunters did not accept any payment, sponsorship from Mandaue Foam for this article.  

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