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Don’t miss WOFEX (World Food Expo) in Bacolod!

Are you a foodie, restaurant owner or do you just like food in general?  Don’t miss WOFEX (World Food Expo) in Bacolod City!  This is your chance to meet suppliers, buy machines, ingredients and RARE supplies.  Come to SM City Bacolod on Feb 8, 9 and 10 for a three day event at the SMX convention center featuring lectures, food and fun!



Visit WOFEX’s official Facebook for a list of the various lectures and events that take place during this three day extravaganza.  Here are some of the highlights of our visit on Day 1!

Euroblade is back!  They were previously here during another food festival and plenty of people missed the chance to purchase their made in Italy slicers, mops and knives!


There’s all sorts of Italian Kitchen Knives – each made of quality steel.  There’s even a “sword” used to chop off the neck of champagne bottles.


There’s a lot of packaging suppliers, people selling  vacuum sealers, mixers, friers ovens and a whole lot more.  This is the heart of WOFEX.  There are all sorts of tools that will increase productivity of any food-related business.


Global Pacific had one of the most popular booths. Most of it was mobbed by people looking for free samples and watching the booth’s staff demonstrate their product.


Hungry? Too bad these aren’t for sale – these are samples of what you can do with French butter

A very tempting display



gourdo’s – a popular baking store in Manila also showed up to present their products.


You can do a lot of things with the icing tips sold at gourdo’s. These cakes look really great!


Vesmach – one of the big baking machinery suppliers in Manila was also there with a booth showing steamers, baking ovens, mixers and trays.


There are several booths selling all sorts of goodies too!  Watch out for this stall selling delicious pickled mango and crispy, crunchy mushrooms.




One of the most tempting booths is the Ereneta-Manaloto Chorizo booth! Packages of Chorizo hang from chains.


These look so tempting – I bought a pack!


Love potatoes? Check out the freezer packed with AVIKO products. Aviko is Europe’s largest processors of potatoes.


There’s all sorts of french fries available ranging from crinkle cut fries to hashbrowns. There’s even churros and onion rings.

Protip: Buy the rosti!  These are like tater tots but Aviko’s rosti already has a buttery garlic flavor to them. Very tasty.

And of course – buy the MOZARELLA sticks!  I’ve had them before and they are GOOD.


There’s also the LUTOSA booth where they are currently having a sale – 3 packs of french fries for just 200 pesos!  And they give out free samples too!




Don’t miss WOFEX – we’re glad we went!



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  1. Hi, do you have contact number for Lutosa bacolod supplier?

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