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MM’s Bunny Café: The Philippines’ first Rabbit themed cafe.

We went to the famous MM’s Bunny Café – the first Rabbit themed cafe in the Philippines where you can meet, pet and play with real live bunny rabbits!  I’m also extremely proud that this café is located in my hometown of Bacolod City!

We hopped on a Grab and headed to Ramylu drive in Tangub, Bacolod City where MM’s Bunny Cafe is located.


The Café is tiny – having only three tables.  Upon entering you will see a wall with the bunnies!  They’re very cute!

Welcome to MM’s Bunny Cafe

Michael Carl Oligo is the friendly owner of the Café. His family raises and breeds award-winning rabbits. Michael got the idea for a rabbit themed cafe when he was working in South Korea and he brought this idea with him to the Philippines.

The four corners of the café is filled with rabbit themed merchandise. There are also numerous trophies and awards that Michael’s rabbits have won!

Cute stuffed toys


There is a simple menu with items like nachos, coffee and frappes so I asked Michael to recommend their best sellers.

I ordered: Caramel Chinchilla popcorn frappe(135php) and New Zealand Nachos (75 php)

The New Zealand Nachos are real nachos and not wonton wrappers.  It’s perfectly sized for a quick snack.

Having snacks before playing with the bunnies.

The Caramel Chinchilla Popcorn Frappe is extremely good. It’s got a lot of whipped cream and real caramel popcorn in it.  There’s a slight corn taste from the corn kernels in the drink. It’s like drinking a creamy cereal drink.  Very tasty.


Now that snacks are finished, it’s time to try petting the bunnies.

MM’s Bunny Café prioritizes the happiness and health of the rabbits so there is a time limit on how long you can pet and play with the bunnies.

I was surprised to see that the rabbits had no odors. Michael told me that rabbits naturally clean themselves just like cats.  The staff  also cleans the cages three times a day!

Here are some of the cute rabbits at MM’s Bunny Cafe.

Ruffy is a male lop-eared rabbit. His short brown fur looks very soft.
There’s a pair of Netherland dwarf rabbits that are very active. They’re just like a pair of mischievous twins!

I opted to meet Wako – a Netherland dwarf lionhead doe.  Wako has very puffy soft brown fur and she is very patient and loves being stroked.


Wako is so CUTE!!!

I was hesitant about petting Wako but Michael assured me it was okay!


Wako is so cute! I stroked her gently so as not to frighten her.


I had Michael return Wako to her house after a few minutes because I didn’t want her to get tired. Thank you very much for letting me pet you Wako!


More customers came in while I was petting Wako and they also had a great time!


It’s very nice to see innovative and educational cafés like this in Bacolod City! Kids and adults will love this chance to learn more about rabbits and nature!

Come and Visit MM’s Bunny Cafe at #42 Ramylu drive, Tangub Bacolod City. They’re open Tuesdays to Saturdays from  8:00 AM to 12 Noon, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 

Call ahead of time: 0977 491 8703


The Bacolod Food hunters did not receive any freebies / incentives for this review

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