Malaspina Inasalan: Off the beaten path

People line up as the smell of barbecued chicken fills the air.  Sausages snap and sizzle as they cook on a grill, the aroma of roasting meat and fish fills your nostrils .. this could be a scene at Manokan country but surprise, it’s not!

Welcome to Malaspina Inasalan – the place where the locals go for chicken Inasal and street food.

Crowds of people flock to this unassuming restaurant on Malaspina street in Bacolod City. Table space is at a premium as families share elbow room with tricycle, taxi and jeepney drivers.  You won’t find tourists here. This is a restaurant frequented by the locals of Bacolod City.

Malaspina Inasalan opens its doors at 4pm-10pm Mondays to Saturdays.  Come early to get seats!

Malaspina Inasalan

Malaspina Inasalan has a simple and functional interior. Plastic jugs of water, tin pails with spoons and baskets of condiments are neatly arranged on top of red linoleum covered tables.


The food is arranged in a display case by the window.  There’s isol, tina-e and dugo as well as sticks of pork barbecue.


Beside the display case is a big tupperware filled with strips of pork liempo


Fancy some seafood? There’s trays filled with Boneless Bangus and Fish steaks to be cooked on the grill.

Seafood! Fish steaks and boneless bangus

To order, simply fill up your plate with what you want to eat! Then you line up at this window and pass your food to the person inside. It will then be cooked and delivered to your table. It’s a rough system but it works.


Here’s my order of Chicken pechotinae, dugo and grilled porkchop.  Although the food cooks fast – there are so many people ordering that sometimes the food can take a while to arrive at your table.

Mmm! A meal fit for a king! Moist and juicy chicken inasal, isaw and cubes of grilled betamax! 

Everything was yummy and very cheap. Definitely wallet friendly.


Malaspina Inasalan is a welcome alternative to the packed chicken restaurants of Bacolod City.  The chicken may not taste as great but your peso really goes a long way here in this restaurant. We had fun tasting the assortment of street food.

There are a few things you need to be aware of when you’re dining in Malaspina Inasalan:

  1. It is extremely crowded – come early.
  2. Expect to share seats/tables
  3. Keep an eye on your valuables
  4. Unexpected guests may drop in such as this doggo.


See you guys!

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