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Samyang Nuclear Fire Noodle Challenge in Bacolod: Try the spiciest instant noodle in the world!

The Nuclear Fire Noodle challenge is the latest food related fad that is sweeping the Internet.  The challenge is simple – try and finish a bowl of Samyang Haek Buldak Bokkeum Myeon which translates to “Nuclear Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen”  This ramen is presumed to be the SPICIEST and HOTTEST in the world!

My fellow blogger Chuckie Dreyfus had his family do the Nuclear Fire Noodle Challenge and the results were hilarious!

Wow, that certainly looks super spicy!

If you guys want to try the Nuclear Fire Noodle Challenge you can find packs of the rare, limited edition noodles at Korean grocery Waba Mart.

WABA MART Grocery store is located in Mayfair Plaza ground floor.  Contact number: 0910 028 5808

Waba Mart is your typical Korean Grocery. The floor space is limited so they stock only the popular Korean products.

The interior of WABA MART

Soju, Korean drinks, soda and Kimchi are attractively displayed inside chillers.

There’s many things to try!

There are Korean Ice creams and frozen treats.

They also have some Korean flatware, stoves, souvenirs and glasses.

WABA MART has boxes full of the Samyang Haek Buldak Bokkeum Myeon. The noodles are sold individually or in packs of six.

Nuclear Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen 120 php per individual pack

We got ourselves two packs of the noodles.  The packaging is a bright red color with an angry looking chicken spitting out black flames.  There’s evil-looking red peppers framing the words “2x Spicy”.

I was told by the waitress that they had “4x spicy” ramen  coming soon. Since I didn’t have time to wait, I decided to improvise by getting 2 packs.

Oooh, these look scary!!

I cooked the noodles following the instructions.  The odor of the sauce and the noodles was very appetizing but you could already smell how spicy the noodles are!

I took one bite – the noodles tasted delicious.

“This isn’t so spicy,” 

I took another bite then another.

All of a sudden the full force of the spiciness took effect. It felt like my tongue was on FIRE.  I got up and ran to the fridge where I had some milk prepared.  It wasn’t working.

Fortunately we had some ice cubes in the fridge and i popped them in my mouth.  My lips were BURNING. 


Two packs of noodles – I only could eat three big forkfuls before giving up.

If you want to try the Nuclear Fire Noodle Challenge – be sure to prepare the following items before doing it:

Fresh Milk – the kind in tetra packs. Milk neutralizes the oils and spiciness of the noodles.  Don’t drink it immediately – let it swirl around in your mouth before swallowing and taking another sip.

Ice Cubes – sucking on one relieves the pain and eases the swelling of the lips.

Don’t drink water – you’ll finish the whole pitcher and still the spiciness won’t go away.

If you prank somebody please ensure that they don’t have allergies! Play Safe!




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