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Maria Kucina Familia: Beautiful Family Restaurant

If you want to look for a classy, elegant place for your family lunch, dinner or for whatever special occasion, come to Maria Kucina Familia – it’s one of the most beautiful restaurants here in Bacolod City!

The exterior of Maria Kucina Familia

Maria Kucina Familia is one of Bacolod’s old houses that was converted into a restaurant.  The interior is very beautiful and extremely relaxing.  There are several areas in which people can dine.  My favourite area is the entrance area.  There are several cushioned seats, beautiful throw pillows that match the elaborate wall patterns and even fresh orchids in a little nook!

Very pretty and impressive. This restaurant will definitely make an impression on you and your guests.

The beautiful dining area. This is not air conditioned but you wont feel the heat as there are large windows and the back area is open which lets the air circulate.

There’s another dining area located beside the main entrance.  Beautiful faux wooden windows offer a view of the main dining area. There are huge curtained windows that let in the light and beside each window are tables and decorations!  The areas by the windows are a great place to have a coffee or to have a nice chat with friends.

Beautiful dining area! (airconditioned)
Antique plates and furniture.

There is a large open air- area in the back where people can dine at night or have functions. Beside this spot is another dining area.

Cartwheels gives this place a nice, rustic look.

There’s a little nook in the restaurant that has orchids in pots.

Wow wow wow, these flowers are gorgeous!

The food is the best part of Maria Kucina Familia. We ordered their Deep Fried Leg of Pork with native chorizo (their house specialty according to the waiter) but unfortunately it was not available so we had to order other dishes.

The Garlic spareribs are pork ribs served with a sweet barbecue sauce and plenty of fried, finely chopped garlic slivers.  The garlic was fried perfectly.  The meat was a little tough but overall it was a good tasting dish.  Hopefully next time it will be a little softer.

Garlic Spareribs 220 php

I’m a big fan of Lemon Chicken so we tried Maria Kucina Familia’s Glazed Chicken. The sauce is sweetish and I recommend squeezing the slice of lemon over the chicken to give it a big burst of flavor and a little more kick. Quite good.

Glazed Chicken 220 php

Another item on the menu that we tried is the Parmesan Crusted Salmon. According to the menu, it comes served with paella rice and a yogurt sauce.  The yogurt sauce is a bit lacking and and the fried rice is more like java rice but overall it was an ok dish.  The salmon was tasty and the parmesan gave it a nice, savory cheesy flavor.

Parmesan Crusted Salmon 325.

We took the advice of the waiter and ordered their Chorizo risotto. This is extremely good, you must order this when you are at Maria Kucina Familia! It is rice and chorizo all cooked up together with mozzarella cheese.  Very rich and creamy – one serving can comfortably feed two people! It’s not really risotto but it’s good nevertheless

Chorizo Risotto 220 php

We just love Maria Kucina Familia.  The prices are fair and the food is really good too. We advise you if you want to dine here is to either come early or make reservations because this place can get crowded really fast.  They have wine ,cocktails and they also serve breakfast!

Maria Kucina Familia is located at 24th street, Bacolod City

Opening hours: 08:00 – 14:00, 17:30 – 22:00

Telephone number: (034) 445 4458


The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any freebies, cash or incentives from Maria Kucina Familia for this review.

The beautiful door leading out of Maria Kucina Familia.




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