El chapo Mexican Grill opens: Delicious, low-priced Mexican food.

Have you heard about El Chapo Mexican grill?  This tiny kiosk is located in Bob’s Courtyard and it is extremely popular among La Salle students. Every lunchtime and after class, students queue up, eager for a Mexican style lunch or merienda.

El Chapo was established by five young men who take turns running the El Chapo booth. This group of friends loves Mexican food so much they decided to put up their own business.

Running a business is no joke!  These guys certainly have moxie!

Very admirable indeed! Some of these guys look fresh out of college!  We dropped by to take a look and try their food.

We arrived just in time before class let out and before the queues started to form.

The menu is pretty simple – one of their best sellers is the Tres Marias which is a platter of three tacos filled with each kind of meat.

Simple menu

When you order, the first thing you will see is three pots simmering away.  Cooking in these pots are slow-cooked pork, chicken and beef.  Each has been cooked until the flavor became concentrated and the meats become tender and juicy.

Slow cooked goodness.

We ordered tacos, burritos and quesadillas to try what El Chapo Mexican grill had to offer.

We ordered a beef burrito and watched as one of the guys made our order.  With a practiced hand, he quickly measured out the burrito ingredients and deftly wrapped and grilled my order.

As we chatted, he told me about how they had a secret menu item – the Maria Santissima! which was a burrito stuffed with all three kinds of meat that they serve only upon request.  We promised to try it the next time we came by.

Look – it’s a burrito being born! 

The burrito was great!  The black shirted guy even slipped in a bit of oxtail meat for me. The burrito is cheesy, the meat soft and tender and the rice was well-seasoned.  It comes with a nice mexican spiced mayo mixture.

Beef Burrito (120 php)

After trying the beef, our next order was a slow cooked pork taco. I opted to have it served open-faced so people could have a look at what’s inside.

One of the ingredients of the taco stuffing is a fresh tomato salsa.  It is really freshly made – one of the guys was literally crying as he chopped onions and tomatoes for it.

The taco is quite good with a nice fresh taste and crunchiness from the tomatoes and onions. The savory pork gives it a pleasant meaty flavor.  Quite good!

Taco (60 php)

Our last order arrived – Chicken quesadillas.  I asked to have extra sauce on top of my order.  El chapo mexican grill has imported condiments such as Tapatio hot sauce and sriracha but for me, their homemade mexican mayo sauce is way better!


Chicken Quesadillas (80 php)

I like El Chapo Mexican Grill, however the only problem I have with it is the small portion sizes. I know these are student-friendly versions but I would really love it if they have an option for large versions of their tacos and burritos

Everyone is expecting us  to write an article about the shiny, new Mexican restaurant that recently opened in a Bacolod mall.  However, we’re not very interested in franchise restaurants – Our mission is to support local businesses and we certainly practice what we preach.

EL Chapo Mexican Grill is located at Bob’s Courtyard Bacolod City. They’re open Mondays to Saturdays 11am – 10pm

Telephone number: 0927 797 2135


The Bacolod Food hunters did not receive any sponsorships, freebies, cash or in kind for this article.  


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