Have a Feast at Cafe Mina! Giant sized portions for your enjoyment.

Cafe Mina is a new restaurant located along Circumferential Road near Bacolod’s New Government Center.  This amazing cafe is located in the most unlikely place – a Star Oil gas station!

Despite this, Cafe Mina is in fact, very picturesque and elegant.  The interior is cool and has lots of beautiful decorations and imported goods for you to do a little window shopping while you wait for your orders.

The pleasant interior of Cafe Mina.
Pretty little knick-knacks on the walls, nooks and crannies.

There’s a lot of baked goods on hand like Cafe Mina’s Walnut rolls and Cheese Brioche breads.

Walnut rolls and cake rolls. 150 php
Cheese Brioche 150 php

This mocha bun looks so fluffy and tempting.

Mocha bun 150 php

We love Cafe Mina’s Almond cookies. They’re crisp cookies that aren’t super sweet – no extra sugar added.  The lack of sugar allows the flavor of the almonds to really take center stage.  Each cookie is packed full of crunchy almonds.

Almond cookies 50 php

After browsing through all the goods our food began to arrive. Here’s what we ordered!

Country style Clubhouse – 355 php

This massive sandwich came on a thick mini-loaf of freshly baked sourdough bread. It was a substantial meal, really good for two because of the size!  There was plenty of bacon, ham and cheese.  It came with a side of excellently seasoned fries.

The view from above. Pretty nice!
Look how thick the bread is!

Big Aussie Burger – 350 php

A beef burger with egg, bacon, pineapple and beetroot and caramelized onions.  Quite packed and full of fiber too!


Hamback steak -350 

Minced Angus beef (more like an angus patty) covered with mashed potatoes, a brown sauce, egg and shavings of cheese. Very very good and filling.

The hamback steak is one of Cafe Mina’s awesome main dishes.

Chicken Schnitzel Parmigiana – 385

Layered tomato sauce. slices of eggplant and parmesan cheese over thick cutlets of chicken. You can chose to have this over mashed potatoes or on pasta.  We couldn’t decide so we had both!

Chicken Schnitzel Parmigiana on mashed potatoes

After conferring for a while – the vote was 4 votes to one for Chicken Parm on pasta for tastiest version!


Come and Visit Cafe Mina!  You may be turned off by seeing the high prices that we posted but rest assured. You will definitely, absolutely get your money’s worth because the portions are SO BIG.  We got Andie Guerrero – a friends daughter to pose beside the dishes so you could have some perspective on how BIG the portion sizes are.

Look at the size of the dishes!

The food isn’t super seasoned because Cafe Mina provides himalayan salt, fresh black peppercorn in a pepper mill and imported sriracha sauce for you to adjust the food to your taste.

There are plenty of cakes and desserts especially the matcha cheesecake which is Cafe mina’s best seller but we were too full to try any more – we left with a promise to come back and try them next time.



Cafe Mina is located along Circumferential road at the Star Oil Gas station past NGC.

Telephone number: (034) 713 8833

Opens daily from 7:30 am -12mn

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies or receive any payment in any form whatsoever from Cafe Mina for this review. 

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