Baba’s Kebab

Kebabs, shawarma and a lot of other delicious things to eat can be found at Baba’s Kebab.  This restaurant has just opened along San Agustin Drive, Bacolod City (beside Riverside Hospital.) They’ve just opened their doors to the public so we went to try out the food and what they had to offer.


The interior of Baba’s Kebab is clean and airconditioned.  The kitchen area looks very clean and everything is done up in stainless steel.  The servers are all wearing uniforms and the menus, seats and tables are all new and sturdy.

The first item that we tried is Baba Kebab’s beef shawarma.  It is affordable at merely 65 pesos per shawarma wrap.  There is an option to add extra beef for 30 pesos which we should have done since the 65 peso version quite didn’t fill us up.  The garlic sauce was good and a bit different from the silly white sauce you get from other shawarma restaurants.   Meat was ok – tasting.   Baba’s shawarma is perfect for people on the go and who want a quick bite to eat.

Baba’s Kebab – Beef Shawarma.

We then tried their main dishes.  Their most popular dish is their Beef Chelo Kebab Koobideh. 90php for one kebab, 170 php for a double order which we got.  It is served on yellow, buttered rice with a side dish of grilled tomato and grilled red onions. The grilled veggies are a nice accompaniment to the meal.  The beef is soft and well-grilled.  Portion size is ok.

Beef Chelo Kebab Koobideh. 90php for one kebab.

Another menu item of Baba’s Kebab are their Fish Kebabs. 90 php for a single and 160 php for a double.  Fish is not cream dory but dorado and the fish is well marinated/basted as it was cooked. It is also served with buttered yellow rice, grilled tomatoes, and onions.

Fish Kebabs.

Baba’s Chicken Kebabs are also similarly plated.  85 php for a single order and 150 php for a double order.

Chicken Kebabs.

Baba’s Kebab also serves beef and chicken shawarma rice at 95 php for a solo order and a large order at 170 php.  The beef is nicely roasted using a shawarma machine and chunks of it are cut off and placed on a plate garnished with cabbage and tomatoes.

Beef Shawarma rice.

Baba’s Kebab doesn’t really break new ground in terms of innovation or taste but their meals are good enough to satisfy hungry shawarma lovers.  Their food and prep area is visible to the customers and it is nice to see that their kitchen and the shawarma stuff is kept extremely clean which is a plus in my book.  Please visit Baba’s Kebab and try their kebabs, shawarma rice and other great stuff.


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