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Sant Jordi Meat corner: Deli and special meat cuts here in Bacolod City!

Lamb chops, prime rib, smoked bacon – these things and a lot more delicious gourmet meat products are available in Bacolod from one very special place – Sant Jordi Meat Corner. 

Run by the Schulze family, the meat processing started out as a hobby which quickly became a small business. Word spread of the steaks and delicious, homemade German sausages and so the Schulze family established Sant Jordi Meat Corner – named after their patron saint Sant Jordi of Catalan.

Sant Jordi Meat corner’s main outlet and distribution area used to be at Santa Clara Subdivision, Santo domingo street but now they moved to a bigger and better location on Bugnay road, beside the University of Saint La Salle.

Sant Jordi Meat Corner on its new and improved location on Bugnay Road. Opening hours of Sant Jordi is from Mondays to Saturdays 8:30am to 4:30pm. Sant Jordi’s Telephone number is (034) 213 0581

Sant Jordi’s new location has lots of stuff like wines and imported groceries to make shopping fun!

The various meats available are pork, beef and lamb from the Schulze family farm. There’s plenty of delicious stuff to look at and they are all vacuum packed and sealed for ultimate freshness.

Ground beef ready to be cooked.

There are steaks too! These made my mouth water.  The meat has a good distribution of fat marbling and it has a deep reddish color due to it being vacuum sealed.  Very nice presentation and packaging with information on the cows and their age when they were harvested.

Hamburgers and prime rib steak!
Sant Jordi’s T-bone Steak and Prime Rib steak

Breakfast will be a treat with slices of Sant Jordi’s  Smoked Bacon and Beef Bacon. 

Smoked Bacon 225 php per pack, Beef Bacon 250 php per pack.

I had to get out my Spanish dictionary to look up the translations of the following sausages and cuts.

Lomo de pimenton – roughly translates to Tenderloin seasoned with Spanish paprika.  137.50 php per pack.

Morcilla de Puerro – is blood sausage with leek.  (Sounds Yummy) 420 php per kilo.

Cantimpalos – Spanish Sausage. 600 php per kilo.

Cantimpalitos Semi-Picante – are spicy cocktail sausages, perfectly sized to include in dishes like paella or simply as tapas. 105 php  per pack.

Bresaola – Air dried, salted beef cut from the top round of the cow’s leg and cured for around three months.

Chorizo de lola – Grandmother’s Chorizo

Lomo De Pimenton , Morcilla de puerro, Cantimpalitos Semi-Picante, Bresaola and Cantimpalos.
Corned beef, Chorizo and Hungarian sausages.

Aside from sausages, Sant Jordi also sells lamb chops, ground lamb including french style rack of lamb.


We saved the best part for last – we got to take a look at the inside of Sant Jordi’s big walk-in chiller where all the meat, sausages and hams were curing in the optimal temperature.

It smells so good in here!

Just being in the cool chiller was so amazing!

Ham hocks!

Now I know what a tiger feels like when it is hungry!  Everything looks and smells so delicious!


Check out Sant Jordi today for tons of cool stuff! You can also check their official Facebook page for more information about the meats and groceries they have to offer.

The Bacolod Food Hunters would like to thank Mr. Hans Schulze for making this article possible.  The Bacolod Food Hunters are not part of any blogging society. We don’t accept freebies or payment for our articles. 

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