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Shawarma ni Kulas now serves Indian curries, kebabs and samosas!

Shawarma ni Kulas now serves Indian curries, kebabs and samosas! Bong Arceo, the owner of Shawarma ni Kulas loves Indian food so much that he decided to hire an indian chef to teach him how to make Indian curries for his restaurant!

There’s three delicious curries available at Shawarma ni Kulas: Beef curry, Chicken curry and my personal favourite, Buttered chicken Curry.

Indian curries! Beef Curry (Left), Buttered chicken curry (Center) and potato samosas with tamarind sauce.

You can have your choice of rice or a pita bread to go with the curry. All curries come with a side of french fries and a small mini salad.

Beef Curry. 140 php.

The beef curry was quite good with real indian spices such as cardamom.  The cooks committed a big oopsie when preparing the fries – they placed a LOT of salt by accident. (visible in the picture)  This was promptly pointed out to them and the fries were replaced.

My personal favorite is the buttered chicken curry. It’s chicken curry with lot of butter to give it a nice, delicious buttery taste. Very good with lots and lots of rice.

Buttered chicken curry.

Portion size is just average but then again you are meant to eat curry with lots and lots of white rice.

My favorite snack are Samosas!  Shawarma ni Kulas has these for a low price of two pieces for 40 pesos. These are basically deep fried potato pockets – like an empanada but paired with tamarind sauce – these are delicious and filling.  The potato stuffing is a tad bit lacking in spice – the owner told me they toned it down to fit Philippine palates but these are still very good and delicious.

Potato Samosas. 50 php

Shawarma ni Kulas also has Chicken Kebabs served horizontally and on metal skewers.  It takes a while to get these ready.   The wait is worth it though!

Delicious Chicken Kebab served with Shawarma sauce.

The horizontal serving is a nice touch and it looks quite impressive.  However the Kebabs are just as good served directly on your plate.

Perfectly roasted chicken kebab.

Try the new indian dishes at Shawarma ni Kulas Lacson branch.

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  1. The food looks amazing 😊

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