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Yaximix Bacolod: Eat and grill all you can just opened at SM Bacolod!

Yakimix Bacolod has now opened!  We went on the second day of its opening and we  had an enjoyable experience but Yakimix was a bit crowded because of many other customers who wanted to try the latest, hottest restaurant in Bacolod City!

The entrance to Yakimix SM Bacolod. Yakimix is located at SM Bacolod northwing. Opening hours are from 11:30am to 3 pm and 5pm to 10:30pm on Mondays to fridays. On weekends and holidays schedule is 11am-3pm and 5pm -10:30 pm.  Yakimix contact numbers are: (034)435 2589 and (034)435 2685.

Yakimix SM bacolod is open also on holidays. There is a wait to get seated because it’s new so we suggest calling ahead to make reservations. If you don’t have any reservations you can just wait by the doors until a table opens up for you and your group.

The seating area at Yakimix Bacolod.
Yakimix is divided into two sections, on the left is the seating area while on the right is where the food is placed.  Yakimix has extensive choices of sushi and dishes for you to choose from.

Inside, there is adequate seating and each table has a little smokeless grill that you can use to cook your own food.  There are a lot of things to grill, ranging from fish, fishcakes and seasoned meats.

The smokeless grill in the middle of the table.

If you’re a fan of grilling meat and seafood, you will enjoy Yakimix! There’s a lot of delicious food!

Assorted fishcakes, cuts of salmon and fish ready for you to grill and enjoy.
Whole bangus and seasoned fish ready to be grilled.
Different seasoned meat ready for grilling.
Salmon all you can!

Besides grilling your food, Yakimix also serves different kinds of sushi and tempura!

They have fried tempura, salmon sashimi and all sorts of sushi rolls to choose from,  all popular favorites.  Refills are quite fast and my friends and I didn’t have any wait time getting tempura – which is a highly coveted item by many people.  At least it’s real shrimp and not chopped fish that is shaped into tempura which is what a certain nordic restaurant did.  😀

A customer fills his plate at the tempura station.
Freshly cooked, hot shrimp tempura.

Beside the  tempura station is the dimsum corner serving hot miso soup and steamed dim sum.  There were also steamed man tao and asado buns.

Shrimp siomai, Japanese siomai and fried crab stick tempura.
There are many many different kinds of sushi. Skip the spam sushi, egg sushi and focus on the octopus and spicy salmon rolls. Those are really good.
Refresh yourselves with some miso soup.

For those who want to try some prepared dishes, Yakimix has them too.  For variety there is also make your own sukiyaki and make your own korean bulgogi with many sauces and spices.

Make your own Korean Bulgogi with these sauces.
Mushrooms, vegetables, meat and other assorted ingredients for sukiyaki soup.

Here we are cooking at our smokeless grill. The plate gets really hot so if you are dining with young kids, be sure to watch their hands! We preferred to try the many ready to eat dishes instead of grilling – we weren’t confident enough to try making our own saucy barbecue bulgogi so we put this  aside for the next time we come to Yakimix for dinner. We did grill a lot of chikuwa and grilled a lot of shrimp, cuttlefish, salmon belly and salmon skin– these things are worth going to Yakimix for.

Grilling at Yakimix SM Bacolod is fun!

The dessert area has some cakes and sweets along with a crêpe and halo-halo station as well as the ubiquitous chocolate fondue fountain.  There’s not much desserts due to the limited space.  The most popular area was the crêpe station and the halo-halo station.

Check out the Halo Halo station!
Make your own crepe and enjoy the chocolate fountain – plus make your own sundae with candy toppings!

I know you guys are eager to start grilling but here’s advice from Yakimix: Don’t allow cooked food to come into contact with RAW food.  You could get sick. We’re pretty sure the food at Yakimix is clean but it’s always good to be on the safe side and we appreciate Yakimix posting those reminders on every table.


Yakimix is pretty good, however we prefer a certain nordic restaurant a bit more and a certain hotel on Lacson street. For those who are curious we feel that both restaurants are a bit too similar in terms of cooked, prepared food. You could go to either restaurant and have almost the exact same experience so for those who are having trouble getting in Yakimix, take our word for it – you didn’t miss anything.

People who love grilling and cooking their own food will get a kick out of Yakimix. Older people who would like to simply sit and eat prepared dishes will find it a bit difficult  For now, Yakimix is a bit too crowded for us but we’re pretty sure that the food and service will soon be better.  We went during lunch time and enjoyed the tempura, sushi and salmon.  During nighttime they bring out more items on their menu.  

Yakimix SM Bacolod prices

LUNCH on Regular days is 558 php
DINNER is 668 php

LUNCH/DINNER on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays is 688 php


Open Saturdays, sundays, holidays

Children below 3ft Free

Children below 4ft 228 php

Leftover price 900php.

Note: There is a 5% service charge so take that into account when calculating your bill.

Birthday Party promo: If it is your birthday for every 3 paying guests the birthday celebrant eats for free.


Government employees also get 10% discount!  Wow! (This promo is only for Bacolod City)


The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any freebies or preferential treatment for this review. We entered as paying customers.  We are also not part of any blogging society or organization. 

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