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Arcanopolis: Fantasy worlds await you at Bacolod’s best tabletop gaming store.

It’s a weekend night and a group of young adults are hunched over a table, their foreheads furrowed in rapt attention.  Suddenly one of them shakes his hand and throws a couple of oddly shaped polyhedral dice onto the table.  Cheers erupt as the dice stop, strange symbols etched into the dice’s faces.  These people are playing a game – but not on some futuristic modern console with high resolution graphics but a simple BOARDGAME made out of plastic and cardboard.

A group plays a fantasy boardgame.

Boardgames are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity.  Forget your boring old games of Monopoly, Sorry or Candyland. The latest board games have players visiting strange new worlds, flying space ships, hunting monsters, being pirates, curing diseases and a whole lot of other things. With such a huge variety of experiences to be had, it is no wonder that boardgames are the hottest hobby right now with teens and adults.

Unlike video games, board games have huge benefits such as helping players develop their social skills, analytical thinking and more importantly, boardgames help people develop closer bonds with each other.  Unlike videogames, board games REQUIRE other human players. With board games – four or more people can play – no screens, no keyboards. It’s just you and your friends. It is this low cost, social aspect of boardgaming that attracts many people to the hobby.  In Cebu and Manila, board game cafes have become popular where groups of friends can sit, eat and rent games to play.

A boardgame meetup in manila.
A boardgame cafe in Cebu.

Bacolod is slowly picking up on the boardgame trend.  The two pioneering cafes in Bacolod that offer quality, fun board games are Balay Bintana and Flibby’s cupcakes.  Both cafes allow customers to play with their extensive collection of boardgames. Just order something to eat.

Balay Bintana has boardgames
Flibby’s Cupcakes has funny and hilarious games available.

If you’re looking for a shop that sells more advanced boardgames and not the typical kiddy stuff like monopoly or checkers you should really check out Arcanopolis Bacolod Games & Hobby.  First opened in 2013 by owner Marc Montalbo, Arcanopolis offers the widest selection of tabletop games and boardgames here in Bacolod.

Arcanopolis has a lot of gaming tables for people to come in and enjoy playing their games. The shop thrives on a spirit of community and if you’re curious about any game, you can play it first for FREE before fully committing to a purchase.  Arcanopolis also has weekly game sessions that anyone can come in and join.

Gaming Tables


Happy Gamers!
A wide selection of Boardgames and wargaming miniature kits are available at Arcanopolis Bacolod. Arcanopolis is located at second floor Jomabo Centre, Lacson Street, Bacolod City. Telephone number 0917-802-0008. Website is at  Open Mon-Sat.
Polyhedral dice for Role playing games.
Arcanopolis also carries various cardgames such as Magic: The gathering.

Marc Montalbo’s passion besides boardgames is tabletop gaming in which you assemble miniature armies and paint them before engaging in battles on the playing field.  Arcanopolis has a lot of miniature wargames ranging from fantasy Hordes and Warmachine, The Harry Potter miniatures game, X-men miniatures game to the sci-fi shooter game Infinity.

It is very satisfying when you see your fully painted and assembled miniature knights going off into battle.  Each piece is not just a toy but also a remarkable piece of art.

A sample of the finished miniatures that Marc has assembled and painted.
There are all sorts of figures that one can include in your games. Some figures tower over the others!
An “Oni” from Japanese folktales comes to life as one of the highly detailed figures found at Arcanopolis.

Arcanopolis has everything you need to paint and assemble models  They have a big selection of imported model paints with all sorts of colors as well as imported specialty brushes and tools for modellers and painters.

Model paints
High quality painting tools and supplies.

There’s a small table with assembled terrain that resembles an urban city.  This is perfect for another of Arcanopolis’ games that they carry Xmen: Marvel Universe Game.  Guide the X-men through a city battling their most fearsome foes or pit your favourite X-men mutant against each other for epic battles.

Your favorite comic book superheroes leap off the page and into the battlefield.
The X-men take on a gigantic robot attacking their city!

See you soon at Arcanopolis Bacolod for all you gaming needs.

Arcanopolis Bacolod is located on the second floor, inside Jomabo Building.

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