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Learn how to get your business listed on Google Maps Bacolod! It’s easy and FREE!

Do you want your business to be easily found on the internet?  Do you want your business listed on Google – the biggest search engine on the world?  We’re here to teach you guys the quick and easy way to get your business visible on Google Maps.  This is a tutorial for people who don’t have their businesses yet on Google Maps.

Google Maps is used by a lot of people.  People use it for applications such as Grab, Uber, Navigation software and even for games such as Pokemon Go.

Having your business on Google Maps is a HUGE help in getting customers. It makes it easier for customers to find your store, it helps cars and taxis navigate and at the same time helps people get in contact with you – the store owner.

Customers can also view your business in Google Streetview.  It’s a good way for people to check out what your store looks like from the outside.

It’s VERY EASY to get your business listed on Google Maps! All you need is a smartphone!

Step 1. Go to your device’s app store and install Google My business.


Step 2. Simply Fill in your business details! Make sure that it is accurate!


Step 3.  Tell Google where your business is located! Be sure to drag the marker to the correct location of your business!




Step 4. Confirm your business.



Step 5. After you confirm your business you will be sent a VERIFICATION CODE.1  This is an actual PHYSICAL letter that will be mailed via POST OFFICE to the address of your business.  Make sure the address is correct before pressing POST. Or you can opt to recieve a phone call from Google. Make sure your telephone number works!




After you press post, your Google Map listing will be created.  However it will only be visible to other people after you TYPE in the code that you received after 1-2 weeks.



What does the code look like? Well, we have here an example from our very own business.

You will get a letter in the mail!  Yup – The Bacolod Food Hunters went through the whole process so we really know what we’re talking about!



In the meantime while you wait for your code, pretty up your Google page by posting pictures of your business, update the opening and closing hours and of course, placing the contact numbers.




That’s all!  It’s very easy to get your business listed on Google!  Good luck and Happy Selling!


  • What if you discover your business is on Google Maps but you didn’t create the listing?

In that case, simply click on the business in Google Maps and CLAIM the business for your own.  You will still be sent a verification code via post office that you will put in to CLAIM your business. Why should you claim your business? To avoid pranksters who might claim the business for their own – or simply just for you to make adjustments in the listed operating hours, address and pictures.

  • My business marker is in the wrong location!

Simply edit your page in Google My Business and drag the marker to the correct location.

If there are any more questions,  I will be willing to answer them to the best of my knowledge via the comment section below.


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