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Hanok: Authentic Korean Restaurant in Bacolod

Have a taste of Authentic Korean Food at Hanok -the newest and most popular Korean Restaurant in Bacolod!

If you’re craving for authentic Korean Food or for amazing, unlimited -eat all you can barbecued meat (samgyeopsal) – come to Hanok!  This restaurant opened just two months ago and already crowds of people are coming to visit!

Hanok is located at Door #12 Goldenfield Commercial complex, Araneta Stret, Singcang, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Telephone numbers: 09303500629 . Open 11am-8pm daily

The interior of Hanok is decorated with Korean masks and paintings.  The area is well lit. There’s a lot of diners so please make reservations when you want to visit.  It gets particularly crowded on weekends and the most popular dish ordered is barbecued samgyeopsal since it is “unlimited”. Be forewarned – on busy days in the restaurant your clothes will smell like barbecue.  


We didn’t try the samgyeopsal – Instead we tried a variety of our favourite Korean dishes. In Hanok, you can request the staff to tone down the spiciness level of the food for diners such as small children that don’t like spicy food.

The appetizers that were served before the meal. Kimchi, small chili flavored dilis (fish), potatoes, seaweed strips and cabbage.

Time to dive in and cook your food – We ordered Bulgogi Jeongol which is a sort of stew which consists of marinated beef, vegetables and mushrooms.  It is served to you on a portable gas stove and you can cook the food right on your table.

Bulgogi Jeongol ready to be cooked. 450 php.

 It is quite fun to see the food cooking in front of you.  Don’t forget to turn off the stove when the food is cooked.  The pan gets really hot so be careful not to touch it.


At Hanok, the waiters assist in cooking your food and will actually serve you once the food is done cooking!

Bibimbop is one of our favourite Korean dishes. White, steamed rice is served in a dolsot (heated granite stone bowl) and topped with egg, mushrooms, cooked beef and vegetables.  The granite stone bowl cooks the food so all  you have to do is mix the ingredients well.

Hanok’s Bibimbap. 260 php.

There’s also Korean-style fried chicken Dak Gang Jeong. This is a dish of fried chicken coated in a sweet and spicy sauce.  We requested half of the dish to be served without spicy sauce because we had small children dining with us.

Spicy fried chicken – sweet and spicy.

One of the main dishes that we ordered was Jokbal. Pig feet (like our Pata tim) is cooked and seasoned with soy sauce.   It was served to use with chinese cabbage that we used to wrap up our portions of the meat and eat it along with some kimchi and some spicy sauce.

Jokbang 740 php.

Here’s how to eat Jokbal!

 Another of our favourite Korean dishes is Galbi Jim – a Korean style beef short ribs stew served with vegetables with a soy sauce base.  It was a pleasant mixture of both sweet and salty.

Galbi Jim at Hanok. 790 php.

We also got their bossam which is cooked, marinated pork belly. It tastes similar to Pata Tim – a Chinese dish popular with Filipinos.

Bossam – you can order small or large versions of this dish.

One of Hanok Bacolod’s most popular dishes is the Ossam. It’s a sweet-spicy seafood stew with meat and squid. It is so good. You have to order extra rice with it. Spoon the stew on top of the rice and enjoy!


Why have plain rice when you can have Kimchi fried rice? Hanok’s kimchi fried rice is flavorful and has generous portions of kimchi. Very nice!

Kimchi fried rice.

Tteokbokki or Duk bo Gi are spicy rice cakes. Hanok has two kinds. Plain, ordinary Duk bo gi or Duk bo Gi with cheese. The cheese melts and has a very chewy consistency.

Hanok’s Tteokbokki has generous amounts of fish sausage too so this dish has three types of textures. Chewy, soft and firm. Very nice!

Hanok is extremely popular in Bacolod.  Come now to try their delicious Korean food that has crowds coming to their doors.  Be sure to make reservations/call ahead as the restaurant gets crowded.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any freebies or incentives from Hanok for this article. All opinions are our own. 

Hanok’s Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Hanokkarc

Call or message ahead of time for reservations and menu availability.

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