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How to use Facebook to promote your business in Bacolod!

Is your business not doing well?  Is your restaurant needing customers?  Here’s a quick and simple guide to using Facebook to promote your business in Bacolod!

Step 1. Create a Business Page for your establishment.

Just like a physical store, your Facebook page is the FACE or your storefront in the online world.  To get started, simply log into Facebook and go to this url:

There, you can select what type of business you have! Click on one of the categories.

We’re going to create a business place so we’re going to click on LOCAL BUSINESS

Then you will have to select your business category (we’re going to select BAR) and type in your business name and the press GET STARTED.


And that’s it!  Your business now has a page on Facebook!  It’s SO SIMPLE!  If you know how to use Facebook, then you pretty much know how to use and manage your page.


Your page is looking bare so let’s make it pretty!  Just follow the simple instructions shown by Facebook on your screen.  Add a profile picture, Add a cover photo and more importantly Add a short description!   Just follow all of the page tips and you can have your business page running in as little as 5 minutes.

Follow the tips – Let Facebook help you!  It is important that you fill in the important information such as your business ADDRESS, CONTACT NUMBER and STORE HOURS!

Finally our Facebook page is prettied up and open for business! Congratulations! Go and invite your friends to like your page!

You need to create content – that is, post pictures, videos, special offers – anything! on your Facebook page to engage readers and entice potential customers. A lot of content is a good thing!

Congratulations on creating your Facebook business page!

Step 2. Boosting Posts and why should you do it?

Boosting is the act of paying Facebook to show your product or your page on the newsfeed of people.  This allows you to get a lot of potential customers in a short amount of time.

You’ll need a credit or debit card for this.

We will teach you how to BOOST a post that you made. The process is similar to Promoting a page.

Let’s say you have a new product or a new dish that you want to promote on your page.

Simply go to your business’ page and make a new post with the picture of your product or offer.   Then click on the blue BOOST POST BUTTON.

Click on the Blue boost post button on the lower right.

When you click on the blue boost post button this window will appear.  There are three parts to this window – we will discuss them one by one.



This lets you set or “target” your desired group of customers.  You can adjust the people who will be able to see your product! – for example – you are selling a DRESS so you want only females, 18 years old and above and living in Bacolod City. (where your business is located)  to see your advertisement.

To create an “audience” click on Create new audience.


This window will appear.  Simply make sure that you set the menus to the desired settings.  You can set it that only people in the same city as your business see your post about that dress you’re selling.   Keep in mind, people in the same city as your business are more likely to VISIT your establishment.

Set the gender, age and location.

Next, under the location you can then click on interests.  We’re selling a dress so we’re looking for people who like dresses and skirts so simply TYPE those into the menu bar.

Type in whatever words describe your product in the Interest menu bar.

After, save your audience..  It’s now time for the next part!


If you pay a lot of money, Facebook will show your advertisement to more people. Since Bacolod is a small town just a few pesos will be effective. Select CHOOSE YOUR OWN then select the amount that you want to pay Facebook. You will be billed at the end of the month.


Select the duration.  You will pay every day the amount you specified.


After you’ve set everything to your liking – simply click the big blue boost post button and you’re done!

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to advertise on Facebook!


Here’s a short video summarizing the steps on boosting a post.

It is so SIMPLE to sell on Facebook or to promote your own restaurant.

You don’t need to pay someone to promote your product or your restaurant.

You’ve just learned how to do it – it’s so simple!  You’ll save money doing it yourself and you can adjust it at any time to your liking.

Facebook is more effective than bloggers.

Have you been approached in Bacolod by bloggers looking for a handout or claiming they can do a lot for your business?  Avoid dealing with them.  Facebook is simply more effective than them and more economical.  No need to spend thousands for a dinner party when a simple photo of your product boosted on Facebook can do wonders.

Everybody is on Facebook.

You have a huge audience and potential customers waiting for you!  A lot of people have smartphones or personal computers.  Creating a Facebook page for your business is practically a necessity in today’s smartphone world.

Keep your page visitors informed.

Always post new pictures and information to your Facebook page. New content keeps people interested and happy. By doing this you have a bigger chance to convert those “likes” and “shares” into actual, physical customers.

Thanks For Reading and Good luck with selling on Facebook!

If you’ve got any questions then feel free to add your question here in the comments! I will be willing to answer any or refer you to Facebook tutorials for more information.

1 comment on “How to use Facebook to promote your business in Bacolod!

  1. Very Savvy! I think all present and upcoming Bacolod restaurants should do this! This is more practical and efficient than spending thousands of pesos feeding bloggers for free who may or may not feature them. The sight of them during restaurant soft openings or special events eating free food like creatures from another phylum can be unnerving to ordinary Juans oggling them from the clear glass windows who wanted to try the place out but are barred from doing so. The unkindest cut of all for restaurant owners is when these so-called bloggers don’t feature them at all. If they do write, they sound more like a brochure cobbled by a PR hack and if the don’t write, then, it’s not far off to call them “moochers”, right?

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