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Pizzaro Bacolod: Pizza and Korean dishes.

Pizzaro Bacolod is a chain of restaurants that mixes together Italian Pizza, Korean and Filipino food.  This combination of cultures and dishes is what makes Pizzaro truly unique – There’s something for everyone!

Pizzaro first started out in Goldenfield’s commercial complex and now has three branches in Bacolod.   Their latest branch is located at the corner of San Agustin street, BS Aquino drive – right beside Riverside Hospital.

20161130_132241 (1)
Pizzaro’s newest branch: Contact numbers are 431-1246; 476-0280

The first thing you’ll notice in Pizzaro is that they have big menu boards in their restaurant with different types of pizza and a WIDE array of Korean dishes and food combinations.  This menu is popular with us Filipinos due to our nature of wanting to try “a little bit of everything.”  

Korean food and Filipino Food!.
Where else could you get a sisig and fried chicken combo? Only at Pizarro’s!

We tried their pizzas!  For our first pizza, we tried Pizzaro’s cheesy pops pizza.  The pizza had a huge amount of cheese and the edges were ringed with chewy dough pockets stuffed with even more cheese.   We found that one of the many toppings on the pizza was sweet corn kernels.   It was quite weird at first but after giving it a try, we came to the conclusion that corn is a REALLY good pizza topping.  It added a sweetness and a somewhat crunchy texture to the pizza.

20161130_134932 (1)
Pizarro’s cheesy pops pizza. 539 php.

Pizzaro also has smaller pizzas for those on a budget.  Their smaller pizzas are priced from 90 pesos onwards and although small, the toppings and cheese on it is virtually the same as their larger counterparts.  They’re small but big on quality.

A solo super supreme pizza.  Topped with ham, bellpeppers, pepperoni and olives
Regular Sized super supreme pizza. 339 php.


Now, there’s a ton of other things in Pizzaro that you can order besides pizza.  Soup is free – you can have korean style soup served on the side with pizza or you could have additional Korean or Filipino dishes as well.

We saw groups of customers ordering kimbap and soup so we also tried their kimbap to see what the fuss was all about.   The kimbap had all the proper Korean ingredients but we were a bit disappointed that it was stuffed with hotdogs instead of the special ham made especially for kimbap.

Bibimbap and Pizza!

Fancy a sweet treat?  Pizzaro also has a freezer full of the latest frozen ice creams from Korea.  We’re a huge fan of Korean Ice cream!


We found Pizzaro’s Pizza to be on par with big chain pizza restaurants.  The huge selection of items on their menu and the “mix-and-match” style is quite appealing.    Try Pizzaro today!



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