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Chill out with Korean Shaved Ice at Ice Avenue Cafe.

Cool off from the hot tropical sun with awesome ice cold drinks and shaved ice desserts at Bacolod’s newest cool spot:  Ice Avenue Cafe!

Ice Avenue Cafe is located at Door #3, Hilado Building, Lacson Street – beside Bites and Booze, Dojo 8 Coworking Spaces and Teerah Spa.  It is extremely popular among students for its Korean iced coffee and Korean Bingsu.

Crowds of Students enjoying their iced drinks and shaved ice!

Bingsu is Korean’s equivalent of our halo-halo shaved ice.  Bingsu is laden with all sorts of toppings and it has numerous flavours.   Ice Avenue Cafe serves four kinds of Bingsu so we happily ordered two of their bestsellers and prepared to dig in!

Initially we thought that the Bingsu would be made with ordinary plain shaved ice but the staff told us that their Bingsu ice was sweet milk flavored.  Our orders soon arrived and we gasped in delight!

Mixed Fruits Avenue (180 php for a large order, 70 php for a small cup)


Wow, we were served a bowl HEAPED with a veritable array of pineapple, sliced sweet candied bananas and red adzuki (pat) beans!  This was a bowl big for at least four people!  The ice was finely shaved and had a pleasing texture.

One side of the Mixed Fruits Avenue Bingsu is bursting at the seams with pineapple chunks!
The Other side is sweet candied bananas.

It was a pleasure to eat Ice Avenue Cafe’s Mixed Fruit Bingsu!  The different tastes and textures of the fruit, beans and shaved ice was absolutely delightful! Totally worth it.

We also ordered another Bingsu – Ice Avenue Cafe’s Chocolate Avenue. This was packed with pieces of crumbled chocolate cookies and covered with chocolate syrup.

Chocolate Avenue Bingsu. 180 php.

This was another mammoth dessert that was at least good for four people.  This was a crunchy textured Bingsu because of the crumbled chocolate cookies and the wafers.  It was a bit messier to eat as cookie crumbs kept getting everywhere.  It was pretty good but since we were eating such a HUGE bowl, after a while the chocolate taste was cloying and monotonous unlike the mixed fruits bingsu which kept my attention with the subtle variations in taste.

Drop by Ice Avenue Cafe today and try their awesome Bingsu! Adzuki beans are the bomb!!

ICE Avenue Cafe


Door 3, Hilado Bldg Corner 19th street and Lacson Street.

Telephone number: 0921-4913421

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