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Enter The Trap Door Tasting Room: An amazing Magic-themed Pub!

Mysterious, Magical, Fantastic, One of a kind! – These are the words that I use to describe Bacolod’s newest watering hole – The Trap Door Tasting Room.  This unique place is the first Magic themed pub in the Philippines.  Filled with illusions, gimmicks and magic-related stuff, there’s no place like it in the Philippines!

Getting to The Trap Door Tasting room is an adventure in itself.  To find it, head to 22nd street and to Pizza Republic’s and Orange Carinderia’s parking lot.

But that’s just a parking lot – where is the entrance??

Once you’re in the parking lotlook at the stone wall at the side..  There will be an Ace of Spades.  Turn the Ace of Spades and the doors to The Trap Door Tasting Room will be revealed.   What an awesome entrance! 

The Entrance to The Trap Door Tasting Room, cleverly hidden behind a slab of concrete.  This is so awesome!

The feeling of adventure and magic heightens once you’re inside.  Suddenly, you feel as if you’re transported hundreds of years back into the past – into a strange and amazing new place.

As you enter, your eyes are drawn to the rows of bookshelves.  Framed pictures of Magicians line the walls, their eyes welcoming you, the viewer to a most fantastic pub atmosphere which evokes the late Victorian era and early 1930’s speakeasies.

The interior of The Trap Door Tasting Room is filled with velvet curtains, framed pictures of magicians and books on magic.
A corner of the Trap Door Tasting Room.
Magic and Magicians!


The Trap Door Tasting Room is the brainchild of Jiggs Santiago, Paolo Sanson, Chris Laino, JM Padilla, Jolo Santiago and Leizl Sanson-Gaston.  A group of friends who also run the amazing illusion brewery that we had also featured in our website.  These friends decided to veer away from the common industrial look that most bars and pubs have in Bacolod and instead decided to go all out with a magic and illusion themed speakeasy. An amazing and unique concept that is the first in the Philippines.

Paolo Sanson, JM Padilla, Chris Laino and Jiggs Santiago ham it up for the camera.

The owners believe in letting their customers enjoy the unique bar experience that they have created.  There is amazing attention to detail that extends from the washroom that houses a scary secret for those who linger inside – and the waiters and waitresses who can perform magic tricks to entertain the guests!

This row of Shelves hides the entrance to the washroom. Beware the Boo in the Loo!
A pair of books warn the intrepid toilet goer of a surprise!

But it’s not just all smoke and mirrors inside, The Trap Door serves excellent craft beer from Illusion Brewery along with appetizers and snacks for your drinking pleasure.

Jiggs pours a glass of craft beer from Illusion Brewery – one of the existing craft breweries on Negros Island.
A three glass sampler of Illusion brewery’s’ finest beers.  Tourniquet hefeweizen, Dancing Cane pale ale and Dark hat porter.
Some of the amazing beers that Illusion Brewery brews. All are proudly made in Negros Island!
Some of the amazing beers that Illusion Brewery brews. All are proudly made in Negros Island!

We tried some of the appetizers and snacks that The Trap Door had to offer.  They’re still working on their menu and so main dishes are not yet available.  But what they have is very tasty and satisfying!

A colorful dish of fried Mushrooms and bacon served with a delicious, appetizing dip. In the background is one of Illusion brewery’s famous beers – the Cream of Smiles.
Mmm, those fried mushrooms really taste good!
Fried Dilis and Calamares – satisfy your craving for something crunchy!
Deep fried battered tiny dilis.
Poutine fries.
A glass of Porter.

The Trap Door Tasting Room is a great place to come and visit.  Come and visit them, bring your guests and have an amazing, magical experience!

The Trap Door Tasting Room is Located at 22nd street, Bacolod City Beside Pizza Republic and Orange Karinderia.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 5:30 pm to 1am. Closed on Mondays

Facebook Page:

Remember to look for the Ace of Spades secret door.

3 comments on “Enter The Trap Door Tasting Room: An amazing Magic-themed Pub!

  1. Bloody enchanting pub! Seems like i have a new place to chill.

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