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Two Pans Cafe & Resto

Two pans is a newly opened restaurant in Bacolod that’s extremely popular with the younger generation.  They’re located at O residences, Lacson street, Bacolod City right beside Robinson’s Bacolod. Contact number 0942 292 2013

The interior of Two pans is really nice and inviting.  The whole place has a Greek/Mediterranean atmosphere due to to the rustic wooden chairs, the tiles, and the faux windows.  There are seats with cushions and even a small area where people can play small, light boardgames.

The lovely interior of Two Pans.
The boardgame nook where people can relax and play games with their friends.

The staff is friendly and helpful.  Service a bit slow sometimes due to the huge amount of people dining. I guess the staff could be a little more on top of things and keep clearing the tables so guests could sit down.

The view from the boardgame spot. We love how the ceramic tiles accentuate the wooden floor and the tables!

Two Pans is a very pretty restaurant and the prices are quite attractive too. Most items are below 150 pesos which falls neatly into the price range of most students.  We ordered some dishes from their menu to try out.

Two pans Hawaiian Pizza dip. Mozzarella cheese, Ham, Pineapple chunks all served as a dip with bread on the side. Very nice and gooey!
French Onion Soup. Rich onion soup topped with toasted bread and mozzarella cheese. This soup was perfect to stave off the cold from the Bacolod rains. 99php.
Two pan’s Three Fries – Priced at a surprising 80 pesos, this is an extremely good deal for a barkada to order. There are french fries, potato tots stuffed with cheese and sliced potatoes all fried up until crisp.
Beef-Pot roast. Thin slices of beef served in a cast-iron frying pan with gravy and a whole bunch of vegetable chunks. 179 php.


Chicken Paillards – seasoned chicken breast topped with vegetables and served with garlic sauce. The vegetables were served with a nice vinaigrette which delightfully contrasted with the chicken and the sauce. The sharp taste of the vinegar really brought a lot of character to the garlic sauce and chicken.  139 php


Coffee Marinated Grilled Chicken – Chicken breast marinated in coffee (according to the menu). The dish itself had a slight aroma of coffee but I couldn’t pick up any hint of coffee taste whatsoever. This is a very light dish and great for those who are watching their diet. 139 php.
Bread pudding for dessert drizzled with caramel sauce.  A very thick substantial dessert. 50 php.


Two pan’s drinks! L-R: A Pineapple-milk drink, Lemon Lime and Three suns. The Pineapple milk drink tasted a little odd to us but the two other drinks were just right! These are served in huge tumblers – practically vases!

Two pans is a great restaurant to visit!  They are open Mondays to Saturdays, 10am – 9pm and closed on Sundays.  Come and see this place that is perfect for barkadas and little get togethers!  The place can get pretty full so come early ahead of the lunch and dinner time rush!


1 comment on “Two Pans Cafe & Resto

  1. your nose and palate are enpoint as usual martin, we were at two pans for lunch today and weren’t disappointed, i had the coffee marinated chicken and the rest ordered chicken palliard, beef salpicao and pork ribs. we’re going back for the other items that you featured. maybe later in the afternoon haha… service was good. waiters are friendly. look .for joe who could be this restaurant’s roger (of the ruins) well.. with a little more practice

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