Lechon Haus Bacolod

Lechon haus is a new restaurant in SM Bacolod that specializes in Lechon and Lechon derived dishes.   We went to take a look a few days after opening day so that we could skip having to deal with the crowds.

We went the very moment SM Bacolod opened to avoid the lunchtime rush. The inside is simple, clean and well lit.

We liked what we saw.  Their kitchen is enclosed in glass and visible to the public so you could see how their staff cooks and prepares their Lechon.  It was certainly attractive as we saw piles of rolled up pork belly being expertly roasted.  Lechon Haus serves “rolled up lechon”  or porchetta style lechon.  This style of cooking pork originated from Italy and it was eagerly adopted by Filipinos in making lechon.  Pork is deboned, salted then rolled up along with aromatic herbs and then cooked on a fire. Through that window we saw the painstaking care that the Lechon Haus lechoneros put into their work.

You can watch the cooks prepare your food!

Time to order!  Lechon Haus has a nice brightly lit menu board with quite a bit of food to order.  We wanted to try their Pan de lechon sandwiches and their Sizzling Pork Sisig but since we came in really early they were not available at the time of our visit.   They have Lechon Chicken and Lechon belly meals and even a combination meal consisting of both.  The prices for meals are at 95 pesos up with a bit extra if you want to add soda and unlimited rice.


For starters we ordered a bowl of their Lechon Sigang.  It was quite good for sinigang with a heavy dose of sourness from batuan.  There was a generous helping of vegetables and there were chunks of Lechon in the soup giving it a meaty flavor.  I found their Lechon sinigang to be quite good and it was a welcome shot of warmness from the recent spate of rainy weather that Bacolod is having.

Lechon in some sourish broth with some kangkong and eggplant.

We then ordered their Spicy Lechon Belly Meal.  The Lechon was salty with a nicely roasted skin that was crisp.  The spiciness came from a bit of Cayenne pepper and siling labuyo rubbed into the meat. Not too spicy but just enough for spice-heads like me to get a nice kick.  The herbs that were used to stuff the lechon gave the meat a nice appetizing aroma.

Crisp, Crackling lechon! Mmmm!

Their roasted chicken is a pleasant alternative to regular lechon. It has similar spices to the lechon belly so it tastes a little bit like the lechon.  It is also flavorful and aromatic but we preferred their roast lechon belly!

Lechon Haus’ roast chicken.


Lechon lovers will love Lechon Haus.  The portions are just right for people who want to get a quick fix of Lechon.  For those who want to order bigger orders you could also order lechon belly by the kilo (650 php) or the half kilo (330 php).

Lechon Haus is Located at SM bacolod Northwing.  Open from 10am to 9pm daily. Telephone number 0950 103 1579

Check out their Facebook video and facebook page for some sweet grilling action!





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