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Rare Spices and Ingredients in Bacolod.


Mix&Blend is a shop that we especially like due to the huge amount of condiments and baking equipment.  This ship is owned by Lerie M. Jereza and is located at Yakal street, Brgy Villamonte, Bacolod City near shopping.  They deal mostly with exotic and rare ingredients. If you’ve got friends who love to cook or if you just want to spice up your daily dishes, we highly recommend Mix&Blend.

The shelves of Mix&Blend are stocked full of good stuff!

For starters, check out the hard to find Bragg’s liquid aminos!  This substitute to vinegar is highly sought after in big groceries here in Bacolod and is often sold out.

Apple cider vinegar, Liquid Aminos and balsamic vinegars.

Mix&Blend has awesome sauces such as the original U.S. Sriracha – a sweet spicy sauce that goes well with a lot of dishes.

Sriracha, Taco sauce, steak seasoning and chipotle rubs for steak!

Spice up your sandwiches with some sweet pepper jelly!  Or if you’d rather prefer a more healthy option they have a lot of sugar free jams and jellies on sale.

Pizza Sauces, Pesto, sundried tomatoes and for the brave; some sweet pepper jelly.

Mix&Blend carries some Trader Joe’s products.  Check out their pasta and amazing rubs and spices.  These make perfect gifts for those who love steak and pasta.

I’m excited to try out this coffee and garlic rub at our next family BBQ!
Premium Pasta!

We saw these shakers full of Himalayan Rock Salt.  The pinkish color is actually from some iron deposits in the salt.  This mineral content gives the salt a unique flavor and taste.

Salt from the mountains!

Besides spices there are also some cooking utensils.

Pyrex dishes and measuring equipment.

These Grilling Tongs will make a perfect gift for a dad who likes to grill!

Grilling tongs and a whole lot of other cooking stuff!
Cast iron pans and skillets ready to be used.


Genuine Kitchen Aid utensils!

We love Mix&Blend for their awesome collection of spices and stuff.  These make perfect gifts for people who love to cook (and eat.).  Visit them to find that perfect sauce, spice or condiment for your meals!


Mix&Blend – Yakal Lopez Jaena Sts. Brgy. Villamonte Bacolod City / Contact Numbers/ +639175470968 / +639228466312


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