Tita Beth’s Pancit Malabon Haus.

Tita Beth’s Pancit Malabon Haus is a restaurant in Bacolod that specializes in Pancit Malabon.  However this restaurant will surprise you as it is also popular for its Filipino dishes and its “bilao” or native platters full of food.

Tita Beth is located on Lacson Street beside Rolling hills chapel and Imart.  It’s small and easy to miss plus the scarcity of parking spaces makes the restaurant a bit difficult to visit.

Once inside, there are two areas.  The first one is a big open-air dining area that gets somewhat crowded during lunch and dinner times.  The second dining area is air-conditioned but dining here adds an extra 10% to your bill.  Skip the aircon area and dine outside.  They have a large selection of Filipino food and the most popular item among the customers are their Filipino Food Platters.  We gave one of their Food Platters a try.

Lechon kawali, Kare Kare and Grilled squid platter good for four people, 790 php.

This comes with a big bowl of Kare Kare or peanut stew! You can use the peanut stew as your sauce for the Lechon Kawali.

Kare-Kare. Peanut stew with a healthy amount of vegetables and a bit of stewed pork knuckle.

TheKare Kare Food platter at Tita Beth’s Pancit Malabon Haus that we ordered only cost us 790 pesos and it came with a big clay pot full of kare kare.  We had a lovely bit of lechon kawali and some grilled squid.  

Very good value for the price. As we browsed through the menu, we were surprised that a Filipino store like Tita Beth’s was serving fried shrimp tempura.

They even had a food platter which centered on it.  Curiosity stoked, we got an order of shrimp tempura to try.  Surprisingly, the tempura was very good.  It was perfectly breaded and fried and significantly better than the tempura at a certain eat all you can restaurant here in Bacolod with a nordic mascot.

690 php. Palabok, Barbecue and Tempura!

Tita beth’s Pancit Malabon Haus has really good pork Barbecue too. It’s cooked in a savory sweet sauce that tastes just great with the grilled meat.

We dove into our plate of Tita Beth’s Pancit Malabon. The toppings are generous and abundant. One plate will really fill you up.

Tita Beth’s Pancit Malabon Haus is located at Lacson Street – 27th street.  Telephone numbers (034) 435-2833  and (034) 476-0107.

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