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Go American with Gunny’s All American Burgers

If you’re looking for a great burger fix look no further than Gunny’s All American burgers.  Tucked away on C.L. Montelibano Avenue beside the La Salle elementary gate, Gunny’s is Bacolod’s best hamburger restaurant due to its authenticity, value for money and great American themed food. 

A customer holds up Gunny’s best sellers: Giant Onion Rings and a burger.

Gunny’s All American burgers was established by Gene Jackson and his wife Nilda. Gene is a retired U.S. marine and he fell in love with our beautiful city of Bacolod.  He and his wife decided that putting up a restaurant  would give them something to do than “sit around the house” all day.  Gene decided to cook and prepare burgers the way his mother cooked it – “southern style”

Gunny’s has a U.S. marine themed interior. The walls and tables are decorated with images of Marine memorabilia, posters and pictures of the owner in uniform.  We’re a huge fan of their burgers which come in different sizes and weights ranging up to a huge one kilo burger!   The burgers are freshly made everyday and char-grilled.  They’re very meaty and filling!  For the Bacolod Food Hunters, This is the best burger and American restaurant in Bacolod.

Gunny’s Kaipo burger: A Grilled meat patty served between two freshly toasted hamburger buns.
One of Gunny’s monstrously sized burgers!  They also have a 1 kilo burger that has a patty as big as a plate!


Part of the charm of Gunny’s All American burgers is that they have a wide array of items on the menu. They have hotdogs, onion rings and fish sandwiches!

Fish sandwiches – fried breaded Cream Dory fillets with tartar sauce and dill pickles.
American Hotdogs with onion, mozzarella cheese. Gunny’s also has chili dogs and tacos.

We love Gunny’s because of Gene and Nilda’s hands-on approach.  Gene and Nilda love to talk with their customers and make sure that everything is just right.  It’s very unusual for a restaurant owner to go around greeting guests but this hands-on approach is part of their recipe for success. Customers love the interaction and keep coming back for more of the great food and the good burgers.

Since everything is made from scratch and made-to-order there is quite a bit of a wait for your food to get ready but the taste and the quality is worth the tiny little wait.   You can pass the time by chatting to Gene who always has time for his customers.

Do try out Gunny’s All american burgers today – we highly recommend it!

Gene holds up a painting of him cooking burgers done by famed Bacolod Artist Raymond Legaspi.

Gunny’s All American burgers

CL montelibano, Corner Bugnay st.  Heritage Dorm building

Opening Hours 11am-1030pm

Tel no: (034)707-1177

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