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Drone Flying in Bacolod.

For milennia, man has looked to the skies and dreamed of flying up and away into that infinite sea of blue.  With the progress of technology and the advance of mechanical engineering it is now possible to enjoy that dream of flying in your very own back yard. In Bacolod City, a group of enthusiasts have boldly blazed a trail into the exciting world of drones and drone racing.

A drone is a mechanical remote controlled gadget that can fly.  Controlled by a remote control device and fitted with electronics and cameras, drones have become extremely popular in picture taking, in surveilance and now people have created a new extreme sport – racing drones.

There’s a lot of different types of drones and remote controls.

The father and pioneer of Racing drones in Bacolod is Vince Muyco, a tall, soft spoken man who is a banker on weekdays and a drone pilot and mechanic on weekends.  Vince  first got into drone racing by watching his father fly RC planes.  Soon, Vince and his wife Riza Muyco began running their REDTAIL hobby shop – a shop that sells all sorts of hobby aircraft out of his house and also established ROTOR-WORX; A group of like-minded enthusiasts that fly drones and RC planes over the weekends.

Vince Muyco (center) with Mon Eslava (left) and Neil Abad examine an RC plane.

When Vince and his friends picked me up to bring me over to their weekly drone flying session, I was in for a really special treat.  Out on Circumferential road as we drove; we flew a drone.

Drone piloting can be done in two ways – by normally looking at the drone as it flies or with special goggles that lets you see through a camera mounted on the drone.  Vince chose the latter form of control as he flew the drone from inside the car as his friends drove.  The drone hit top speeds of around 80 mph as he zipped through wires and branches that overhung the road.  It was both exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Since the drone was not limited to the confines of the road, it easily outpaced our car which was going at a speedy 60 miles per hour!

We soon arrived at the field that Vince’s group had designated as their practice site.

I soon made friends with all of the Rotor-worx crew.  They were a friendly, tightly-knit group that soon opened up to me about their experiences with Drones and flying.  Every weekend this group would get together and leave behind their careers to pursue their hobby of flying and soaring among the clouds.

The Rotorworx group. JM Aliling, Mon Eslava, Neil Abad, Vince Muyco, Ray, Cherry Layson and James Sarroza proudly pose in front of their planes and their drones.
Ray demonstrates his fine control of his drone as he makes it hover over the field.


Ray shares the video feed of his drone as he sends it up for a quick flight around the field.

As the group flew their drones – their stories came spilling out.  All of them shared a passion for electronics and tinkering.  All were in love with flying.  I couldn’t help but be drawn to Cherry Layson, the only girl in the group.  Despite being the only woman in an activity dominated by the male sex.  Cherry had participated recently in the 2016 Philippine Aeromodellers Nationals and her piloting skills is a match for even Ray, a retired USA airforce pilot.

Cherry proudly holds up her DJ Phantom drone that she uses to take aerial photography.
Cherry and James Sarroza  fly their RC plane. James is a mechanical engineer by profession.

I chatted with JM, Mon, Neil and James. All of them loved tinkering and machines.  They shared a love for flying and got into the hobby by watching videos on the internet.  Mon told me that drones and hobby flying is not an expensive hobby to get into.  Like all hobbies – at first when you start out you have to shell out a lot for equipment however the enjoyment you would get from that investment would be much more, definitely worth the price you paid.

The Rotor-worx group was busy practicing for an upcoming tournament.  Stakes inserted in the earth became an impromptu obstacle course designed to develop the group’s dexterity and coordination in piloting their drones.

Neil Abad prepares his drone to go through the obstacle course in the field.
Mon Eslava pilots his drone using First Person View goggles. He sees through a small camera installed on his drone which gives the wearer a sensation of flight and being one with the drone.


Mon, Niel and JM Vince proudly hold up their drones that they custom built for high speed racing.


There were crashes and bumps and mishaps. However no one was upset! Everyone had big smiles as they gave each other advice on piloting and tips on how to improve.  It was like being with one big happy family.  There was no negativity whatsoever – everybody didn’t mind little crashes and bumps.  I felt quite happy as I watched this amazing group send their drones zip around the impromptu obstacle course.  It was a beautiful moment when Mon sent up his little spitfire plane and it soared among the clouds.




Redtail Hobby shop. Contact numbers:  SMART 0921-4489693 / 0919-9114801  SUN 0943-7089377 / 0922-8115738


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  1. jimcuster

    Hello Martin, Really enjoy the BFH,s restaurant an food reviews. Marilu and I really like visiting the new establishments in town and generally follow BFH’s recommendations when it comes to food and drink.

    Now, having said that we hope you guys don’t go too far afield from the restaurant reviews which is what you folks are famous for.

    As far as drones are concerned I’ll be happy when they can deliver pizza. Past that I think they’re nothing but an additional loud noise that we can really do without. JMHO

    Best regards Jim Custer

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    • Martin Banana

      Hi Jim! Always glad to hear from you – We aren’t deviating much – but we like to give a bit of variety now and then.. Stay tuned for more exciting food places! 😀

  2. Where can I buy drone with camera in Bacolod city

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