Bodega Grill: Comfy little restaurant

We’re always on the look out for new and interesting restaurants for our readers- and this time our latest food find is Bodega Grill!

Bodega Grill is a cozy little restaurant located in Mandalagan along GM Cordova Avenue (Buri Road) right where the old eco trails store used to be. They are open from 1130: am to 10:00 pm

The inside of the restaurant is very simple but clean and functional.  There is limited seating so be sure to come early if you are coming on the weekends to avoid the lunch and dinner time crowds.

The interior of Bodega Grill.

Bodega Grill is really proud of their cakes and sweets but what we’d like to present to you are dishes from their awesome international menu.  The prices are reasonable and the food is well prepared.

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The service at Bodega is quite good, with the staff attending to our every need.  The waiters were particularly good at recommending their dishes – we took their advice and also ordered Bodega Grill’s Osso Buco as one of our main dishes.

Bodega Grill’s Osso Bucco: A modern style Osso Bucco that consists of meat, tomatoes and vegetables. Very good with white rice!

Everybody loves steak and so we also ordered Bodega Grill’s Angus Pepper steak with Demi-glace sauce.  Basically it  was steak cooked in a pepper gravy.  Very good although the side dish of vegetables that it came with was a little sad looking.

Angus Pepper Steak:  The rich pepper sauce complements the meaty Angus steak.  Delicious!

To round out our international menu we ordered something from the Middle East, Beef Kofta.  Beef Kofta is basically ground, seasoned beef that is then shaped around skewers and grilled.  It is usually served with a yogurt based sauce.

Beef Kofta:   Grilled meat, tomato, onion served with rice and roaste eggplant.  Not bad.

Please do try Bodega Grill!  For more information you could get in touch with them via their official facebook page.

2 comments on “Bodega Grill: Comfy little restaurant

  1. Looks like an interesting place! The food looks yummy! ❤️

  2. Thank you for your article on Bodega Grill. We are glad that you enjoyed dining in our little restaurant. We will take measures in improving our vegetable side dish as well as all other food that we put in the menu so as to make sure that we maintain our good quality standard. We hope to be serving you again, sir. 🙂

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