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Ban’s Breaktime Alley: Authentic Binondo Cuisine

Ban’s breaktime alley is a new Chinese restaurant located at D-1 2705, Narra Avenue, Capitol Shopping Center Bacolod City.  Ban’s tries to bring to Bacolod the taste and the flavor of authentic Binondo Cuisine.

The entrance to Ban’s Breaktime Alley.

The interior of Ban’s is bright and well lit. They have big glass windows that lets the diners see into their kitchen and see how the cooks prepare their food.

The Interior of Ban’s Breaktime Alley.  The place is spotlessly clean and the staff is attentive and polite.


We selected a few dishes to try from their menu.  We tried their lomi noodles and their chicken mami for starters.  The orders were quite substantial especially the Lomi which was large enough to feed two people as the bowl was really packed with noodles and toppings.   The Mami was served in a clear broth and while not quite as substantial as the Lomi, it was pretty okay in it’s own right.  I had to flavor it with white pepper and soy sauce to add a little more flavor to it because it reminded me so much of batchoy.

Lomi (left side 110 php ) and mami ( right side 115 php )
Lomi (left side 110 php ) and mami ( right side 115 php )
If you’re hungry, try a bowlful of Ban’s Lomi. a bowl will satisfy even the hungriest eater.

We tried their dimsum – Siomai and dumplings.  These were just okay.  They are priced quite inexpensively so we gave them a try.

Siomai (55 php). These tasted just like siomai you make at home. We ordered them as a side dish.
Dumplings (65 php).

We then tried Ban’s kiampong which is Chinese style fried rice.  We liked how good the rice smelled!  The peanuts, spring onions and the mushrooms added flavor and texture to the rice.   This is a classic Binondo favorite.

Ban’s Kiampong. 95 php


Come and visit Ban’s breaktime Alley whenever you get hit by the urge to have a good merienda or have a craving for Chinese Comfort food.




1 comment on “Ban’s Breaktime Alley: Authentic Binondo Cuisine

  1. food is okay but nothing very special. seeing how your food is being cooked is nice but you leave smelling like the food, clinging to your clothes and hair. they should do something with the exhaust. i’m not going back there to eat in the menatime. if i must, i’d do take outs but only when i’m in the vicinity. it’s not something that you’d go out of your way for.

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