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Viber Cafe Bacolod: Good food and a tongue-in-cheek nod to social networks

Viber Cafe has just opened in Bacolod!  This cafe is the brainchild of one of the most well known Chefs in Bacolod – Jun Celis.   Chef Jun Celis is a former cruise ship chef and owner of the popular Virgelio’s which serves the cheapest and most-value for money  buffet in Bacolod City.

Chef Jun poses outside Viber Cafe.

Why did Chef Jun name his Cafe “Viber”?   Well, it’s a humorous poke at how addicted we are at social networking.  Chef Jun named his menu items after famous social network owners and celebrities.  It’s hard not to laugh after hearing about a burger being named Big Bill Gate’s Burger or Melinda’s Halo Halo!

The inside of Viber Cafe has a rustic atmosphere.

Viber Cafe also has eat all you can Halo-Halo for 90 pesos. It is an especially nice treat for cooling down during the hot summer months.   We also tried out Chef Jun Celis’ menu and ordered what we think are awesome and unique dishes that everyone will enjoy.

We first ordered some Baby Back Ribs.  Chef’s Jun’s version of back ribs is true to the taste of ribs being served in Bacolod.  Negrenses like their ribs to be sweet, smoky and savory.

Viber Cafe’s Baby back ribs. (150php)


We ordered Beef Tacos too!  Served with a garlic-mayo sauce and topped with cheese, this is sure to be a favorite.  There are three tacos so an order can be easily shared with friends. The price is also very affordable.

Viber Cafe’s Tacos. (90 php).

Viber Cafe also serves coffee, drinks, beer and wine.  It was a hot summer day so we decided to cool off with their Avocado shake!  This comes served in a little cute jar and the drink is served ice-cold. Wonderful for cooling off!

Viber Cafe’s Avocado Shake (php 60)

We had Viber Cafe’s Pepperoni Pizza.  We opted to have a simple and ordinary pizza to be able to better review the components such as the sauce and the dough.  The pizza was okay, the sauce was great but the dough needed a little more work.

Viber Cafe’s Pepperoni Pizza (170 php).

We tried out their hamburgers  – a double patty hamburger stuffed to the brim with onion rings, lettuce and served with a side of fries.  This is an enormous burger!

Giant burger at Viber Cafe. (220 php)

One of the things we really like is Viber Cafe’s Chicken Fajitas.  it’s basically chicken strips with pita bread and vegetables.  I love the chewy pita and the “do-it-yourself” aspect of the meal.  The chicken is cooked and served in a sizzling plate already cut in strips.  It’s awesome and perfect for those who are trying to watch their figure.

Viber Cafe’s tasty chicken Fajitas (130 php). Good value!


Viber Cafe is located along B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod city.  You can contact them via their facebook page.   Here’s a map of their location (before renovations were done.)

This review was made using our own money – unlike other bloggers who only live for freebies.  We spend our own cash.




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