A surprising Rib restaurant

Ribshack: A full dining experience.

Ribshack is a food stall located in the second floor food court of 888 Chinatown square premiere mall and now they’ve open a branch in SM Bacolod.  It serves baby back ribs like other rib restaurants in Bacolod. Unlike these other places that specialize in only ribs, Ribshack offers a lot more on their menu and manages to pack a lot of dishes inside a tiny store space!

Ribshack gets really busy at lunchtime. It’s one of the most popular stalls at 888.

There’s an extensive selection of grilled food. The staff is friendly and willing to assist customers.  More importantly the food looks fresh, appetizing and clean.

Food ready to be grilled. Pork barbecue, Beef Kebabs, Squid, baby back ribs, blue marlin, bangus and chicken inasal.
Mmm. The Pork barbecue looks absolutely appetizing!

We decided to order their best seller Baby back ribs and try some of the other things that we thought were tempting.

The backribs were big, substantial and okay for the price.  It was cooked to the point that the meat was soft and tender.  I’m afraid I must use a cliché phrase here – yes the meat is “fall off the bone” soft. A friend who was dining with me commented that it had a very pleasant and appetizing aroma

Ribshack (1)
Ribshack’s baby back ribs. (PHP 155)

The next two items really surprised us because it’s not very often you see these in a barbecue / rib restaurant.  They offered grilled squid and beef kebabs.

Ribshack (2)
Grilled JumboSquid and Tenderloin Beef Kebabs

First of all the grilled squid – I was expecting these to be very tough and yet they weren’t rubbery tough. Instead the squid was also soft and perfectly cooked. They’ve recently made changes to the way they made their squid so now it’s even yummier than before!  This is one of their best sellers and a personal favorite.

Ribshack (4)
The Grilled squid! Nice and soft! (PHP 80. With rice PHP 95)

The beef Kebabs were surprising! They were well cooked and were also very soft – a pleasant surprise for me.  I later found out that they used tenderloin beef for their kebabs! The beef was cubed into bite sized portions and coated with barbecue sauce.  They may not be authentic beef kebabs but these are very enjoyable. I will certainly be back for more and order this again.

Ribshack (3)
Beef Kebabs and mayo-garlic sauce. Don’t pass on the opportunity to taste this sulit na sulit and swak na swak for the budget meal! (PHP 125).

Please visit Ribshack. They’re also opening a branch at SM city Bacolod!   You can reach them Via their official Facebook page located here on this link. 

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