A familiar memory to many.

Roli’s Cafe is back!

Many Bacolenos and La Sallians fondly remember Roli’s.  Built and established in the 1940’s, Roli’s has been a fixture of life for many people.

I fondly remember after school merienda at Roli’s where my aunt would order Roli’s chicken sandwich and Pancit Malabon.  Does anyone remember the ballet school located beside Roli’s?  After merienda, I would go and watch the little girls all dressed up in pink tutus practicing their jete and their pas de chat.

Roli’s then moved locations in the late 90’s to give way to Roli’s Arcade hosting a bunch of shops.  Does anyone remember the beloved Music Unlimited store where troops of kids would go to buy cassettes, or even the gym FIRM, located upstairs where ballroom dancing was taught as well as taekwondo.  Although Roli’s has branches in Lopues’ Mandalagan and previously Plaza Mart – the old Roli’s in La Salle was sorely missed.

The french writer Marcel Proust describes a lovely scene in his novel, “À la recherche du temps perdu” in which one of his characters re-experiences a lovely memory from his childhood, triggered by a small scallop-shaped madeline cake and tea.  Now is the chance for people to have their own “Proust” moment because Roli’s is once again open in its old La Salle avenue serving all its old time favorites.

Roli’s chicken sandwich – taste is the same after all these years. (Php 90)

I love Roli’s chicken sandwich. Roast chicken mixed with a little mayo and placed between two slices of toasted bread and garnished with lettuce and tomatoes.   The taste is very clean, very basic and yet the taste evokes childhood memories.

Their Pancit Malabon is as good as ever with nice salty sardines mixed with with the yellow sauce to give it a little character and body.

Roli’s Pancit Malabon.

They also have a dessert display that showcases various sweet treats and goodies.

Sweet desserts.

More importantly, Roli’s still has their stall which sells their famous pastries such as Napoleones, Chicken Pie, Meat pie and half moon.  These are the most requested pasalubong among visitors to Bacolod.

Chicken Pie (Php 35) and Napoleones (Php 25). Roli’s also has a new kind of Napoleones filled with chocolate cream ( Php 27)


Roli’s cafe is open Mondays to Sundays 7 days a week from 7am-10pm.  You can also call them to make reservations and orders for their Napoleones and other pastries. Contact number is (034) 434-0432 / 709-1433 / +639173008033. Roli’s is located on La Salle Avenue, Roli’s arcade building.

Click on the link to see an interactive 360 degree panorama of the interior of Roli’s! It’s awesome!!


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  1. You just gave me the ultimate dose of happiness today. 😀

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