Buffalo Wings

Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things is now in Bacolod

Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things – a new franchise restaurant is now open in Bacolod.  They’re open at the Billboards (corner Ramos street – Lacson) and they’ve got extremely good things on their menu.

Their restaurant has a very trendy urban appearance.  It is cool and inviting.  The restaurant also has an outdoor bar area where people who want to drink can stay and relax.

The interior of Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things.

When we first ordered – we were given a chart where we could indicate what level of spiciness and what flavor of wings we wanted.  Our server  took the time to explain the chart to us…

Capture…and we ended up chosing New York’s finest.  It has a spicy lemony taste and a bit high on the spiciness scale! We decided to pair it with blue cheese dressing and some of their NY Dirty Rice.

New York’s Finest – This is great!

Their New York’s Finest was absolutely delicious!  The spicy lemony sauce resonated perfectly with my idea of what the perfect buffalo wings should be. Not too spicy but with a little sharp zing of citrus from the lemon. Wow!

We also tried their NY Dirty Rice.  It was okay.  Salsa over a cup of spiced rice.  It wasn’t that special but it was a good accompaniment to the buffalo wings.

Crazy Rice
NY Dirty Rice.

We also tried some of their “Things”.  This is the other stuff that you see on the menu.

What’s nice about Buffalo’s Wings n’ Things is that they have a lot of other dishes to try.  For example, they have chicken fingers for those not willing to commit to a meal of wings.  We didn’t feel like trying more chicken fingers so we ordered some other stuff on their menu just to show you guys their stuff.

They have a beef burrito that’s chock-full of stuff. It has generous amounts of cheese, green peppers and beef.  It comes with a nice salsa dish.


They also serve burgers!  We tried out the Buffalo Cheese burger. It was VERY good too.

This looks great – the beef is well seasoned and the bread is nice and soft. Plenty of onions add flavor and a nice crunchiness.  However – it still can’t compare to Gunny’s all american burgers – the best burgers in Bacolod. 

We really enjoyed our visit to Buffalo’s Wings and Things. The food is a bit pricey – after all you’re eating mostly chicken wings but the diversity of menu items ensures that you won’t go hungry.  Buffalo wings are actually a snack/appetizer so order something else on the side!

Don’t forget – if it’s your birthday – you get free Buffalo wings!

*Disclaimer* You have to order 300 php worth of food to get your free wings.

Try out Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things today!  There is so much more on their menu that we haven’t tried such as their Nachos, hotdogs and their New York Cheesecake ice cream.  Please do visit them and check out their Facebook Page. Click the logo below! 2d43c41ff90a4fdc95e9a2668d7fe171

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