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Red House Taiwan Shabu-Shabu is now open in Bacolod!

Red House Taiwan Shabu-Shabu is a Shabu-Shabu branch that is very popular in Cebu.  They’ve now opened a branch in Bacolod City!   Their branch is located at corner Lacson – San Sebastian street. Telephone number (034-4336192) We went and tried out their Shabu-Shabu!

20160123_131820 (1)
There’s a lot of people trying out the Shabu-Shabu and the dishes that Red House has to offer.

In the middle of the restaurant is a station where different sauces are placed for you to mix and eat your Shabu- Shabu!  The dipping sauces range from soy sauce to nutty sate.  It’s important to make and mix a combination that you’ll be comfortable with eating!

The tables were neat and presentable with an electric plate right in the middle.  The tables are big and snap easily together to accommodate big groups.

All set for a big hearty meal!

The menu is quite bewildering if you’re a first timer to a Shabu -Shabu restaurant.  For first timers we suggest you chose from the sets that they have prepared.  We suggest getting the priciest set combination – Set A because it’s got a generous amount of everything.  It’s got seafood, veggies and fish cakes!   Basically – for those new to this – Shabu-Shabu is cooking meat, vegetables and other things in a broth.  It’s fast, filling and healthy!

Combination A comes with meat!!
Chinese Pechay, Shrimp, Baby Lobster (?), cabbage, tofu, mushrooms, noodles, squash, corn, squid balls and cute fish cakes is what you get in combination A.

Now- for those unfamiliar with Shabu Shabu – I have found a Youtube video that explains how best to enjoy this dish.  Shabu-Shabu is really healthy and is a fun food to eat but you do have to follow some guidelines!  Don’t dump all the ingredients in the soup!



For those who prefer reading – here are the steps!

  1. Start by putting the vegetables in the water.
  2. Cook meat for 10 seconds only! Don’t drop them in the pot – keep them in your chopsticks and swish it around.
  3. Dip meat and veggies in sauce and rest on rice.   Basically after you take your veggies or meat from the broth, dip them in your sauce then place on top of your rice.  Don’t make the mistake of NOT getting sauce!  Shabu shabu is very bland without sauce!
  4. Add the noodles last.
  5. Be sure to skim the fat off the top from time to time
  6. Drink the soup last!

That’s all!  I hope you guys try out Red House Taiwan Shabu-Shabu!  And for all my gamer friends looking to try this new resto – let me greet you and welcome you to this place with a rousing cry of “TAIWAN NUMBER ONE!”  🙂

Check out Red House Taiwan Shabu Shabu’s facebook page here.


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